You may call him a personal branding or sales expert, either way he is an entrepreneur and an international speaker that makes a difference. His formula for success is easy: he who masters the skill of selling himself will maximize his influence on others.

He works with leaders and sales professionals. His background with over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, combined with his military expertise on leadership as a former officer in the German army, he strongly believes:

Philip Semmelroth: “Success is not an art it’s a science. Once you understand and apply the fundamental principles, failure is no longer an option.”

At the age of 18 he started his first company. One year later he finished school and went to University while growing the business. With a degree in economics (Germany) and an MBA (USA) he made sure he backs up all his practical experience with profound theories and experiences from experts all over the world. The private schools he went to only allowed teachers, that ran companies themselves. Making his education very helpful for real-life-situations.

Today he travels all over the world, speaks on international stages (USA, Africa, Europe), holds and attends masterminds with global entrepreneurs or offers inhouse trainings or private 1:1 coaching to people, who want to take their life to the next level.

Philip Semmelroth combines practical and international experience, high quality content and a great amount of entertainment to make your conference an outstanding event for your customers.

Lecture topics by Philip Semmelroth

Get Branded, Get Noticed, Get Rich

  • Become the brand. Be the brand.
  • Increase your visibility.
  • Monetize your positioning.

Many entrepreneurs do not manage to sell their expertise profitably. The reason is their lack of exposure. It’s not what you know that makes you successful. It’s how you position and deliver it. Studies show that those get promoted in companies and life that understand what it takes to gain attention. In this speech Philip Semmelroth shares the secrets about how to make more money by influencing the perception others have about you. He closed deals with international cooperations long before he had a team working for him. If you want to take your life to the next level, this is the speech you must listen to.

Success is not an art, it’s a science.

Leaders and sales people have one thing in common. They all need to sell themselves, every single day in order to get others to take action. It’s all about removing uncertainty. You can call it motivation, influence, power but at the end of the day it all points towards your personality. People who get things done, know how to deal with people.

Businesses often fail to play out their full USP potential by combining people’s personality with their products. Thus, many of them get exposed to price challenges and loose deals over the competition.

In this speech Philip Semmelroth shares what it takes for businesses to become #1 brands, find and keep profitable clients.

Become your very own PR expert.

He who controls what people say about him will never struggle neither in business nor in life. In today’s world success is still a result of an extraordinary work ethic, however if one underutilizes the opportunities to position himself, he will never make the money he deserves.

Every conversation is a sales pitch. The better one is prepared, the greater are his chances to have somebody else share his point of view. If one understands how to influence others and how media can support you on this mission, success is only a matter of time.

Personality gets you results!

People don’t work for money. They work for recognition. Bigger accounts, larger projects, more responsibility…everyone seeks for the things, he feels ready to deal with. In today’s world, where resources are low and great staff is hard to find leaders must focus on creating the heroes of tomorrow within the organization. By pushing the boundaries, redefining the comfort zone, employees can be temporarily overcharged in their own interest, as this strategy shows them what they are really capable of. Buildung self-esteem through orchestrated challenges intended to lead to successful results enables grows of people and companies. Great people build great businesses. Leaders should focus more on personalities than KPIs and help their teams to see their advantages. Progress brings happiness and people stay close to those who help them to excel.

Leaders must inspire!

In my military career and in my business life, I always stuck to one major rule. I only do the work myself until I find someone around me that could achieve at least 80% of the results I would. Leaders must lead from the front, they should know what’s going on in the organization, how things are done and create a global understanding among all departments, that they would never expect effort greater than what they would put in themselves. Leading by example does not mean, you do the work personally. But it’s a philosophy that enables people to achieve extraordinary results while freeing up leadership resources.

While I had all the power over my subordinates as an officer in the German army, I learned quickly. Manage people by fear and you will only achieve results, while you are present and represent a threat to your team. Managing people by building their self-esteem, expecting realistic results and inspiring team members to find ways to achieve them based on their own interest to excel, frees up leaders and managers while generating better results in less time.

Doing the work yourself, will kill the company!

“If you do the work yourself, you will get your team killed, when attacked and no one is able to lead the counter-attack.” That message from one of my superiors during a military training exercise changed my life. In today’s world I use the same philosophy in my businesses. As entrepreneurs or leaders in larger corporations we must understand that our focus can only be strategic planning and helping our people to become the best version of themselves. Getting involved in the operational side of the business takes away the time from building a bigger company and adjusting set strategies to future challenges. Delegation is a key to success but many fear the loss of control.

More speed by trusting others!

Trusting your people making decisions is like releasing the handbrake of your organization. Many leaders and managers fear the lack of control and that things get out of hand. However reality shows that employees that know that every decision they take will be verified have a far lower incentive to avoid mistakes. Trusting them making the right decisions, reduces costs through unnecessary control procedures while speeding up processes at the same time. In today’s world customers expect fast results and prefer working with people who get things done quickly and efficiently. Trust has a major impact on transactional costs, employee and customer satisfaction. It takes a few steps to prepare your organization for this strategy, but results will pay off any effort undertaken.