Lisa Ramuschkat has been presenting shows on the web and TV as well as event formats, live or recorded, since 2013. Her main focus is on sport – from football to basketball, racing and more, but she is also passionate about business topics, innovations and start-ups.

She has a particular fondness for bilingual presentations in German and English.

Over the years, she has gained a wide range of experience in the sports industry. As a former competitive hockey player, she knows exactly what is important in sport in general, but also specifically on the sidelines, and feels comfortable in environments where high performance is required.

Her interest in the business aspect of the sports industry was sparked not least by her Master’s degree (Sports Business and Communications), but also by her constant ambition to keep developing and learning.

“At the end of the day, my greatest assets are my empathy and my ability to listen. Everything else I can learn.”

Book Lisa Ramuschkat as a presenter or speaker

Lisa Ramuschkat can be booked as a presenter, speaker or interview guest. She gives in-depth insights into the journalistic side, from working in and with start-ups, agencies and associations to her passion: appearances in front of the camera, her own programmes, moderating summits and setting up her own podcast.

In 2019, Lisa set a milestone in the German podcast landscape with her podcast “Team Lisa – the podcast about women in sport” and established herself as a leading personality in this niche. She regularly publishes new episodes in which she interviews inspiring women from the sports industry and sports environment. In doing so, she creates a platform that offers guidance and support to aspiring young women.

Her strengths as a presenter lie not only in her self-confident presence and charismatic charisma, but above all in leading conversations, interviews and the confident management of events on stage or in front of the camera.

Thanks to her particularly empathetic and sensitive feel for different situations, Lisa Ramuschkat is able to act professionally and seriously, while always reacting appropriately to every situation in a charming, humorous, relaxed and authentic manner.