Jacob Beautemps is Science YouTuber and Researcher.

Through science you can explain the world to yourself. And through the Internet it is accessible to everyone. This is one of the greatest achievements of our time and an important step towards equal opportunities.

Jacob Beautemps received his Master of Education in Physics and Social Sciences from the University of Cologne, where he is currently working on his doctorate. His goal is to inspire young people for the natural sciences. He has already been able to do this in front of the camera in programs like “1, 2 or 3” (ZDF), “Nachsitzen” (RTL) and “stern TV” (RTL).

Speaking topics Jacob Beautemps

  • Breaking Lab: Sights set on the future
  • The journey through time: Spleen, lifestyle or digital playground?
  • Learning with YouTube? Why more YouTube should be watched at school
  • Mobility & People: Locomotion of the future
  • Vehicles of the future: hydrogen cars or battery-powered?

Jacob Beautemps has now been in front of the camera since 2018, trying to get in touch with people even more directly through his YouTube channel Breaking Lab, which he is producing together with the production company i&u TV. He tries to make future topics or current events tangible and explain them with a scientific approach.

Jacob Beautemps’ motto is based on an (alleged) quotation of Albert Einstein.

“If you cannot explain something easily, you have not understood it.”

Anyone can throw Buzzwords around, but to make sense of them, that is the true art.

In addition to his activity on YouTube, Jacob Beautemps is also a regular guest on programs such as Stern TV, 5 against Jauch, ZDF Fernsehgarten and Die Selbstversucher. He also gives powerful speeches and moderates events.

Jacob Beautemps is also researching the topic of knowledge videos on YouTube at the University of Cologne. This is about the development of an artificial intelligence that analyzes the viewing behavior and learning gain when watching videos and thus helps to create a catalog of what makes a good knowledge video on YouTube.

Breaking Lab

At Breaking Lab, current events and topics of the future are scientifically explained in a way that everyone can understand. A high degree of transparency is emphasized and each statement is supported by a source. The topics range from “What if we were all Veganer” to “Can we adapt to climate change?” to “Relativity theory simply explained”.

Since 2018 Jacob Beautemps is in front of the camera at Breaking Lab. In the meantime a community of over 252’000 people has accumulated and many follow-up projects have been created.