Marc Hauser turns people into heroes. The world record holder in horizontal freefall knows the key to success – he originally suffered from a fear of heights. Nevertheless, as a pilot, he obtained a flight rating for more than a dozen aircraft, including acrobatic aerobatics. His theme is courage: courage to dream big, courage to innovate – and courage to achieve goals. He shows his audience how we can move from dreaming to doing.

Marc Hauser Lecture Topics

  • Innovation for the future: tackling new goals in difficult times

Courage for the future – The energy of tomorrow. A pioneer who was the first to freefall through the jet stream, Hauser demonstrates the incredible energy potential of high-altitude winds. BBC World News accompanied him on this journey with a three-part report. High-altitude wind energy is one of the hopefuls for a sustainable future.

Lecture on sustainability – energy – solution of the future – immeasurable energy from high altitude!

  • Courage is the key: Only those who dare today can win tomorrow.

How to become a world record holder in extreme skydiving – despite fear of heights: how to move from dreaming to doing. Marc Hauser shares with his audience the little secret of great success.

  • Strong leadership in a hurricane: keeping calm in the storm

Leadership in the age of the digital tornado, global crises, generational shifts and tectonic shifts. Turning times needs turning people.

The courage to create a strong brand

The entrepreneur creates new brand names and brands with his naming agency. As an expert in marketing, Hauser also gets to the heart of complex communication.

Stories that inspire.

With captivating storytelling and breathtaking images between heaven and earth, pioneer Marc Hauser inspires. His lively and humorous storytelling style guarantees the best entertainment with strong content. Swiss charm and a good portion of self-irony create an atmosphere that inspires events almost magically.

Marc Hauser succeeds in Australia in the first jump of a human being into a jet stream: World record, June 30, 2018 Forbes, NSW Australia – First jump by a human into a jet stream.

He flies forward 5.9 kilometers in freefall with the help of the high-altitude wind at hurricane force; this without wings or propulsion. The Swiss is putting his flight at the service of science by promoting the hitherto largely unknown technology of high-altitude wind energy generation.

Marc Hauser is entrepreneur, adventurer & world record holder

Marc Hauser shakes things up, he awakens even deeply dormant heroic forces. The fresh wind in the company is immediately noticeable, the newly learned can be implemented directly. In this way, the inspiring speaker creates added value that has a lasting effect and really impresses.

As founder and owner Marc Hauser leads one of the leading name agencies and as a professional speaker he gives motivational speeches internationally in three languages. The gifted encourager activates every audience. Interactive experiments invite everyone to participate. In this way, Marc Hauser anchors valuable impulses and thus creates substantial insights.