Expert for Resilience & Leadership with emotions, Author, Podcaster

Christoph Theile has been an internationally sought-after speaker, trainer, business coach and author on the topics of leadership and resilience for more than 10 years.

With a degree in business mathematics, he has worked for many years in large DAX and family-run trading companies in various management positions. As an IT strategist and multi-project manager, he was responsible for the successful introduction of knowledge management in 20 countries, where he gained valuable experience of internationally managed change processes. As head of human resources development, he worked worldwide on the topics of emotional employee retention and executive development up to board level.

Christoph Theile Lecture Topics

  • Leadership with ease

Emotional bottlenecks block the solution energy in the team. Trust in the team is lost. Team members do not take responsibility for each other.

If the emotional bottlenecks are resolved, collective solution energy is released. This is how collective intelligence is unleashed.

  • Successful employee retention – retaining employees?

How do you keep employees happy in these times? How can we work together constructively without kid gloves? How do we create psychological security, where we argue about the matter but not about being right?

  • Motivation – who is actually motivating whom?

Motivation of the younger generations? Motivation urgently needs an emotional change of perspective.

  • Resilient through emotion-based stress competence

Success in today’s companies depends to a large extent on the resilience of teams. Based on neurological principles, a way out of the overload trap emerges.

Expert for Management & Leadership

Christoph Theile is the managing director of the EQting Leadership Institute and has received several awards since 2016 for his development work on the topic of “Emotions in Leadership”. In 2017, he won the HR Excellence Award in the leadership development category, among others.

Today, he inspires thousands of seminar and lecture participants in German and English as an impulse generator and expert for emotional sovereignty of executives. Enriched with his own experiences and stories, keynotes and workshops become a special experience. He understands how to focus on concrete solutions and make new methods and perspectives come alive.


  • Speaker Award 2019 international speaker slam
  • Winner HR-Excellence-Award 2017, category executive development
  • Award from Focus and Xing as Top Coach 2016
  • Award for Emotional Leadership from DVCT 2016

His motto: “If it doesn’t work this way, it works another way.”