Expert in Efficiency & Productivity, Entrepreneurial Thinking

Martin Geiger is regarded as a leading productivity expert for entrepreneurial thinking and acting people who want to work differently and live more.

The Effizientertainer® is a demanded speaker and author. Impulses from the lectures and publications of the authors, who live near Baden-Baden, are successfully implemented by enthusiastic participants from well-known companies all over Europe.

Martin Geigers inspiring keynotes represent the highlight of every program. The productivity expert is known for his inspiring lectures which are full of humor, motivation and practice-oriented examples.

Martin Geiger enables each listener to improve his performance and quality of life at the same time. It is not without reason that he is regarded as one of the most coveted lecture speakers, who succeeds in enabling as well as entertaining his audience.

His effective strategies of self-determined time use, which he has developed and successfully applied through his many years of experience in managing his own company build a huge impact to every businessmen. He provides every participant with lots of valuable information in an entertaining and practical way,

Numerous references prove the sustainable result: The enthusiastic listeners immediately achieve a significant increase in their personal and entrepreneurial productivity. In 2007 the European Trainer Alliance in Berlin chose him as the Coach of the year and also awarded him as an international top speaker in 2015.

Speaking Topics

Faster than the competition – How to gain competitive speed

  • Fast lane to success – how to increase your pace
  • Your opportunities in the age of speed
  • Seven steps to maximize your productivity

Time Management 3.0 – Effective strategies of self-determined time use

  • How to achieve more in less time
  • Ways to increase performance and quality of life
  • Mastery of the times in seven easy steps

Neither myself, nor constantly – A new way of doing business

  • Seven stages to more power and quality of life
  • The success secrets of productive entrepreneurs
  • How to work differently and live more at the same time

10 infallible ways to waste life – … and what you will do different tomorrow

  • Are you already productive or just busy?
  • The largest mistakes about time and how to overcome them
  • The most important survival strategies in the era of information overload