Aspiring venture capitalist and an expert in the Swiss and Israeli startup scene

Cédric Bollag is the founder of, a powerful online video platform that provides a stage for ‘Startups, Tech and Innovation.’ Cédric Bollag also hosts “The StartupShow,” where he interviews cutting-edge CEOs and founders of the most promising startups on a weekly basis. After showcasing over 150 entrepreneurs and investors on the show, Cédric has become a true authority about the startup world. In his videos, he integrates information that interests investors together with advice and inspiration from founders, creating a unique combination that everyone will find valuable.

Using his platform, Cédric Bollag has generated a vast database of fascinating startups and new technologies.

The Handelszeitung, the largest Swiss business newspaper, lists Cédric as one of the top social media accounts for managers to follow and from which to gain inspiration, alongside accounts such as Harvard Business Review, World Economic Forum, and Gary Vaynerchuk. The paper describes Cédric Bollag as an (translated from German) ‘aspiring Venture Capitalist who tours from one innovation hotspot to another with his startup web video show.’ His social media feed, the article says, features ‘inspiring quotes from his interviewees and important insights from the show.’

Cédric grew up, and currently lives, in Zurich, but he also lived in Israel for seven years, giving him a special blended insight into both innovation hubs. He has a fascinating understanding of these two distinct and powerful ecosystems and he combines that knowledge in a unique and thoughtful way, highlighting the best aspects of each.

Cédric Bollag leaves his audience inspired and motivated for action, feeling capable and prepared, as well as better informed.

Cédric’s multicultural and multinational background makes him universally relatable to his audience and allows him to speak to a wide variety of people. The passion and joy he radiates when talking about these topics are magnetic and Cédric’s natural charisma is enjoyable to witness. Cédric Bollag leaves his audience inspired and motivated for action, feeling capable and prepared, as well as better informed. He provides his audience with clear, actionable, and practical tips on using video content to brand personalities or businesses, on building a remote team, on understanding the different aspects of the current startup scene, and on developing and cultivating dreams.

Below are some of the particular topics that Cédric Bollag speaks about to inspire and inform audiences of all varieties. Book him today to hear more about these fascinating and topical innovations.

Startups of Tomorrow

Switzerland is capable of becoming a prominent world leader with its stability, quality of life, and reliability. In order to utilize these assets, we need to look to the future. Great opportunities for Switzerland lie ahead and they simply need to be envisioned. Cédric Bollag provides his audience with a better understanding of the Swiss startup ecosystem and some of the most promising future trends. He delves into the various verticals in which Switzerland can position itself as a European hub. You will gain a deep overview of topics such as blockchain and cryptocurrency, and an understanding of how they fit into the current and future Swiss startup scene.

Cédric’s Experience

“If I could do it, so can you.” There is a vast difference between thinking about an idea and materializing it. Cédric has gone through the process of actualizing his ideas and understands that a can-do mindset is critical to anyone who wants to accomplish their goals. Cédric Bollag does not believe in the ‘fake it till you make it’ attitude; he believes in always being honest with where you stand regarding your vision. There is nothing wrong with being at the beginning of an idea, not knowing exactly where it may take you, just as long as you have a vision and goal in mind to keep you going. Cédric speaks your language if you are at the seedstage of your company’s growth. It has been quite a ride for him, and he discloses all his learning curves with the audience. He shares his motivation for starting his business ventures, hurdles he’s crossed in the journey, and where he plans to bring his vision. Cédric inspires his audience members to push through any doubting voices and take that first monumental step in the direction of their dreams.

Digital Marketing: Branding in a Video Format

Digital marketing is taking over the traditional marketing space; promoting your company or service via different digital media channels is a must in today’s business planning. Video marketing in particular is the latest of the digital marketing trends. If you have not already adapted to this idea, no need to worry. In his digital media talk, Cédric shares all of his experienced insights and knowledge about this fast growing, constantly updating world.. He provides a motivational and practical guided workshop on how to position and brand your company using video content so you can present the best, most up-to-date version of your company to potential customers.

The New Workplace: Working Closely with Remote Teams

Every successful startup consists of a team of determined people who become the starting engine of a promising idea. Choosing the right people to build your startup is one of the most crucial elements in determining its success. Cédric utilizes an international freelance approach to build his ideal team. He discovers talented hard-working individuals across the globe to provide a flexible and productive team. Cédric Bollag then manages this group through a series of technological tools to streamline workflow, maintain organization, and cultivate connection between coworkers in different parts of the world. Although the learning curve for building and managing such a team can be steep, Cédric Bollag has found proven methods for overcoming challenges in growing and managing a remote team. Cédric shares his experiences, techniques, and tips for disseminating your workforce in a well-structured system.