Entrepreneur, Bestselling author, TV personality

Jochen Schweizer is a successful entrepreneur and bestselling author. As a top speaker, the former stuntman provides important impulses on success, risk and resilience in his keynotes.

He shows how to emerge strengthened from crises and become the entrepreneur of your own life. He draws his knowledge from his own experience. He knows what he is talking about because he has experienced everything himself. As the founder of the brand of the same name, he – with the company event location “Jochen Schweizer Arena” near Munich and over 3000 other experiences – is synonymous with the experience like no other. In 2019, the former TV investor’s own primetime TV show from „Die Höhle der Löwen” – “Der Traumjob” – aired on ProSieben. On 2 November 2021, his latest book “Die Begegnung – Eine Geschichte über den Weg zum selbstbestimmten Leben” was published.

Jochen Schweizer is Entrepreneur with a fighting spirit. When his company was about to go out of business, his advisors advised him to file for bankruptcy. He didn’t sell everything he owned and risked everything to get his company back on track. After that, an unprecedented rise began.

«From this I learned above all that it is worth taking risks and that you can emerge stronger from a crisis. And also that entrepreneurial responsibility must and can only grow after such a catastrophe.»

Jochen Schweizer Lecture topics:

Being an entrepreneur of one’s own life

  • Everyone can reach higher
  • Life does not give us a task without also giving us the strength to master it
  • Get up, do something, take advantage of the opportunities that life offers you! Get involved in experiencing something extraordinary, something that enriches your life!

Big jumps require courage

  • Courage is above all one thing, namely confidence in one’s own abilities. A definition that can be learned.
  • In the uncertainty of the unknown waits the perfect moment, there we learn to fly.
  • Even if you do nothing, something will happen. It just won’t be what you wanted.

From falling down and getting up again

  • Why people need to be able to fly – Personality and entrepreneurship
  • From stuntman to entrepreneur
  • Overcome limits, never give up
  • You have to make a serious effort to achieve a goal
  • Anyone can reach higher
  • In times of change, inner attitude is the key to success

Taking risks, overcoming fear, crossing borders

  • If you risk something, you can lose. But if you don’t risk anything, you are guaranteed to lose
  • Control own fears, maintain respect for risks
  • Consciously analyse, avoid or accept challenges, but then act decisively
  • Accepting one’s own limits
  • Big jumps require courage

Jochen Schweizer has experienced a lot in his life – in sports and in business. He has dared many things and made many of his dreams come true. But he has also had to accept enormous setbacks. For many years, he has been passing on his experiences and lessons learned in lectures and speaking engagements.

As a motivational speaker, he specifically addresses the most important principles of success – steadfastness, consistency, healthy ambition, overcoming fear and the central DNA of every success: operational excellence.

Jochen Schweizer is authentic and clearly structured. He speaks exclusively about things he has experienced himself. Also about failure and how to emerge stronger from a crisis. And that is precisely why the content is so tangible for the audience.

“I have realised that many experiences I have had in my life and decisions I have made in certain situations can also help other people in their lives. And that gives me joy.”

In close consultation, Jochen Schweizer will be happy to individual topic requests on your part.