For most people making music is considered an exercise in excellence. But it is rather an exercise in mindfulness. And so it is with life: Our society and economy has done it for long – and is increasingly doing it – to put down a mindful living in the present moment to the benefit of a sheer exercise in excellence. This is where Matthias Jackel comes in.

Matthias Jackel lecture topics:

The rhythm of success – the rhythm of life
How to release unexpected energies and bring about lasting success
How to get people to “fly”
How to make community emotionally tangible and anchored in the long term

The power of solidarity – together we are strong
How to break down conditioned barriers and enable sustainable change
How to get in touch with nature, the community and your primal being
How you can get into flow with others and make better decisions for yourself and your environment

Contemplation as a success factor – Strength lies in calm
How you become aware of your source, harmonise your work and act authentically
How to make good decisions in the here and now and keep focus
How you consciously take control of your actions and become the designer of your life

Spirituality – No more fear of that
How you understand and use the balance between inner and outer success
How a down-to-earth spirituality makes you strong for life
How you and our society can grow from an ego-consciousness to an eco-consciousness

Since founding Drum Cafe Germany in 2004, Matthias Jackel has facilitated thousands of events and seen around 1 million people from almost every class and industry merge into great communities. It taught him deeply how much the human being would like to find his and her connection with community, nature and his own primeval being in order to make better decisions for himself and the environment.

His book “The Connection Phenomenon – The art of doing what you NEED, not what you WANT”, was published internationally end of 2018 and is available at all major online book stores.

His lectures offer a unique combination of interaction, information, dialogue, rhythm and music. They inspire people and companies to better understand themselves and life (again). With deep conviction Matthias Jackel considers himself as a peace-worker and a constructive companion for conducting necessary change. In his work he’s able to touch even the “hardliners” and motivate them to take new action.