Dietmar Dahmen rocks. No one shoots information into the brain so skillfully. No one touches the heart so creatively. Dietmar Dahmen is the king of transformation, stage rock star, motivator, innovator and change lover.

How Dietmar Dahmen rocks the stage is absolutely unique. He rides the shark of change, destroys the cushions of comfort, fights the fear of transformation and gives strength, courage and above all the necessary energy to successfully implement the new.

Chainsaw, superhero or flame thrower – Dietmar Dahmen on Stage.

Knowledge is King. Emotion is King Kong. You and your participants must grasp the new. But only what reaches the heart is actually done and implemented. Only emotion adds the necessary energy for action. It is exactly this magical mixture that Dietmar Dahmen brings to the stage.

Dietmar Dahmen presentation topics:

His “thing” is the combination of TECH and SHOW, of KNOWLEDGE and FEELING, of INFORMATION and ENCOURAGEMENT! Everything on world class top level!

FUTURE – What really awaits us?
– From Smart Living to Smart Mobility
– How to leverage digital reality for your business
– Four questions that will steer you into a successful future

– THE DISRUPTION COMPASS – What are the latest technologies?
– Digital transformation – How do you deal with what’s new?
– Successful from ADAPTION to DISRUPTION
– Innovation: Where is ahead?

SELLING – Emotions win.
– How to win every pitch with a little creativity
– If you want to win, you need emotions
– How to understand the customer’s brain

Marketing and Branding – Don’t follow trends. Set them!
– What does the future of marketing and branding look like?
– How do you manage to convince customers in digital times?
– What is behind Big Data and hyper-connectivity?

“Sustainability is no longer niche thinking.”

Sustainability has become a mainstream requirement. Companies know this – but they are often too slow to act. In a dramatic keynote, Dietmar Dahmen shows which strategies YOU can use to motivate customers, employees and yourself to act more sustainably, effective immediately. His keynotes: As always, packed with information, inspiration and the BAMM!!!! crowd.

“Don’t follow trends. Set them!”

Dietmar Dahmen works as a freelance creative consultant for (mostly) international companies, is co-founder of the eco-platform “Earthback”.

“Thinking leads to conclusions. Only emotions lead to actions!”

Dietmar Dahmen is President of the Board of Advisors at “Mediahead” in Zurich and at Member of the Board of Advisors “Summit NYC” in New York. For the European Association of Communication Agencies he fulfills the position experts and trainers for change, trends, forward-looking marketing and innovation.

“Good services are useful. Better ones are sexy. The best ones change the way we live.”

Dietmar Dahmen creates archaic images and creates emotions that anchor themselves firmly in the head and heart. He makes the complicated simple and the need for change positive. Give your participants information, inspiration and the powerful motivation to immediately implement what they have learned and creatively use the new possibilities.

Winners are more imaginative, crazier, bolder and technically better!

He is a top speaker booked worldwide for change, future and disruption. His talks and keynotes make it easy to immediately grasp and internalize emerging trends and technologies, latest business models and modern sales & marketing insights. He makes it easy for participants to dare change and try out the new right away.

Dietmar Dahmen picks up your participants exactly where they are and leads them entertainingly exactly where they should be after the event.

Moving in workshops – Deeper is Toller!

Allow yourself the “Deep Dive” and dive deeper into future success scenarios. The best way to do this is with workshops designed especially for you by Dietmar Dahmen.

His unusual, extremely creative workshops combine over 20 years of marketing expertise with his uncomplicated way of bringing the latest trends, emerging customer needs and state-of-the-art technologies clearly and simply to the point.


Sometimes it has to be something very special. Something very special. Something glamorous. Something bam. Go the extra mile and combine this experience with a Bämm event made especially for you. Add some entertainment and “Bämm” your customers, employees and guests will be highly inspired and mega motivated to tackle the new and gladly carry your messages out into the world.

Don’t follow trends. Set them!

Dietmar Dahmen started his career as a strategic planner and worked more than 20 years in marketing in Hamburg, Los Angeles, Munich, New York and Vienna.

Dietmar Dahmen is an expert for future, transformation and disruptive marketing at the European Association of Communication Agencies. He is founder of the BAMM! Institute for Transformation and holds the position of Chief Innovation Officer at “ an IBM Company”.

Dietmar Dahmen: “Rock on!”