Expert in Corporate Governance focusing on the Human Factor – Risk-Intelligence & Integrity

Sonja Stirnimann, her interaction with the audience lets everybody participating and electrify to analyze what’s going on in their own environment – business related and in their daily live. There are hardly any participants leaving the room without being motivated, curious and already in the process of reflecting.

It is not just a topic she strives for – she has a vision. For more than half of her live. There is a red line in everything she does and says. Fighting against non-compliance – no matter in which area of life. Convincing and authentic. As a profound expert in economic crime – also called white-collar crime, non-compliance and cyber-crime, Sonja Stirnimann counsels exposed responsible Executives in a very discreetly manner. She strives for the actability and reputation of aggrieved parties in the case of incident – dedicated and focused! Her different roles within the last 25 years of her professional experiences with global players supported her broad expertise in Investigations, Finance, Governance, Risk, Compliance and Communication as well as Crisis Management.

The current roles of an independent Board Member, Member of professional ethics committee as well as the one of being an entrepreneur underline additional competencies. Sonja Stirnimann is specialized in white-collar-crime, non-compliance and cyber-crime within global active corporates and the comprehensive support of the aggrieved personalities. In these areas she unconditionally brings in all her experience focusing on the humans in their current challenging situations where they – most of the time – leave their own comfort zone. Accompanied by her – they reach more than they ever expected before. With the result of being proud on themselves and their team what they have reached in such an unexpected time of crisis.

By not only being an expert but rather a leader and even more a human. She always focuses on the human – no matter what kind of challenge she faces. With that approach she reaches far more the better result than many of the well-known experts – forgetting about the human factor. Her interview and negotiation techniques reach a level where
others are just a stunning.

Not to forget that Sonja Stirnimann also has profound educations and trainings. She holds an international Executive M.B.A in Financial Services and Insurance, is Swiss Certified Accountant, a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), is a Business Economist, holds a certificate in financial mathematics and statistics, is a Certified Executive Coach (ICF, CTI) as well as a Business Mediator (NCRC, SCCM). She teaches at several global institutions, Universities, professional associations as well as for international acting corporates. Whatever she does – she does it full of passion. Sonja is a highly appreciated person of trust, acting as sparring partner or “Advocatus Diaboli” for many global active and exposed personalities with a tremendous responsibility in their organization.

Presentation Topics by Sonja Stirnimann

  • «The Human Factor in Digitalisation»
  • «Human being – your risk (or success) factor No.1!»
  • «It’s all about being biased – or can you trust what you see?»
  • «Social-Engineering – Hacking without a code»
  • «White-collar- and cybercrime – the art of profiling»
  • «Being prepared for the worst case – your individual FraudAidKitTM»