Rainer Kessler, Liaison Officer to the Super Intelligence

Rainer Kessler is researcher in cyber security, artificial intelligence safety and quantum computing/communication as well as theoretical weapons & threats, and teaches in the areas of information security, technology risk management, and operational risk management. He advices large corporations, small to medium sized businesses, critical infrastructure, as well as governmental organizations and military. He worked in managing positions for two of the ‘big-4’ companies and he was group-wide and globally responsible for information and cyber security of one of the biggest banks worldwide.

Rainer Kessler is a retired special forces, reconnaissance, and military intelligence Major (recon troop commander, military intelligence officer, high-mountain specialist, sniper, blaster, military lifeguard, mines and commando specialist, and specialist for advanced weapons). He holds Master of Laws, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration, Certificate in Computer Software Engineering, and Teaching Certificate for GDPR. R. Kessler is in the advisory board of IFGICT, a selected Mindfire Talent for A.I., as well as a member of MENSA, and a known Asperger autist and Savant for abstract synesthesia. He is founding partner and lecturer at CYBER:HUB

Rainer Kessler Speaking Topics

Humanity stands before the technological singularity, when artificial intelligence outperforms the natural one. Rainer Kessler supports private, public, and military initiatives in preparation for this moment. Research, teaching, and consulting points of emphasize are cyber security, risks of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics, as well as quantum computing and quantum communication.

Further information to presentation/speech/key-note

Based on everyday challenges and phenomena, Rainer Kessler divertingly explains machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, cyber security as well as quantum computers and quantum communication in a comprehensible pictured language. In doing so, hands-on thought experiments as well as profound societal questions are covered. Fact-based natural laws are being relativized in the context of our perception and it becomes obvious that humanity is moving towards a point of no return, which shall be passed consciously. The performance is available as half-hour key note, as one hour speech, or as one and a half hour presentation with the possibility of a subsequent Q&A or discussion panel.