As a “researching entrepreneur”, Dr. Lysander Weiss provides groundbreaking impulses from the combination of science and practice.

As a successful management consultant and bestselling author, Dr. Lysander Weiß is one of the most sought-after sources of inspiration on the topics of strategy, innovation and organization. As a Senior Research Fellow at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management and Adjunct Professor at Woxsen University in India, he conducts research in the field of strategic entrepreneurship. His publications range from academic articles to bestselling books for practitioners, and are always based on the latest findings from academic research as well as experience from corporate practice. Dr. Lysander Weiß shares his expertise in an entertaining and memorable way in lectures at renowned business schools as well as in presentations for conferences and companies.

Lysander Weiss lecture topics

“Building the StrategyLab”: Innovation Units with Impact!

  • Innovation theater and the “flaw in the system”
  • A typology for understanding current innovation vehicles
  • Innovation capabilities and the path from InnovationLab to StrategyLab

Whether Innovationhub, DigitalLab or Venture Builder: Everyone’s talking about innovation units. But how can companies actually use them to achieve strategic impact and build the future of their business? Based on the latest research and numerous practical examples, this presentation from Lysander Weiss will highlight the fundamental problems of many innovation units – and show how things can be done differently. 

Return on Innovation: Leveraging innovation to drive value

  • Defining an innovation gap
  • Innovation portfolio for targeted value creation
  • Success stories & failures

Whether portfolio companies of financial investors, large listed companies or profit-oriented medium-sized companies: All of them need to increase their value as much as possible and like to rely on proven, countable optimization tools. Innovation is rarely one of them, because it is expensive, uncertain and difficult to measure. But with a systematic approach to innovation, a company’s value can be increased in a targeted way. This presentation will show you how to do this with real-world examples, proven methodology, and surprising research.

As a partner in the award-winning management consulting firm venture.idea, Lysander Weiss has worked with DAX and Fortune 500 companies as well as medium-sized businesses in over 30 industries. In his presentations, he skillfully combines stimulating findings from scientific research with surprising insights from practical experience. His speeches are not only thought-provoking, but also provide pragmatic solutions to current challenges.

In his speeches and in-depth workshops, Lysander Weiss imparts practical and scientific know-how on how companies in complex environments need to be structured today in order to be successful tomorrow. Thanks to his high level of expertise, Lysander Weiß is not only able to draw on an extensive lecture repertoire, but can also respond flexibly to the individual challenges and topics of companies, thus designing interactive and stimulating discussion rounds and jointly developing solution approaches.

Each lecture topic can be adapted to the individual needs of the company. The goal is to provide concrete impulses for implementation in your company.