Daniel Cronin lives innovation, startup, entrepreneurship and digitalisation and has been sharing his passion for it on international stages for more than 12 years.

The serial founder, consultant, university lecturer, speaker, moderator and investor knows the facets and challenges that change processes bring with them like no other, as he has already experienced every perspective. As such, he is equally adept at communicating the very specific challenges that change and change processes bring in a language that is characterised by humour and expertise. He is convinced that the greatest ideas lie dormant in our heads and that every innovation begins to become reality the moment it is said. Daniel knows that ideas are only worth something if they are not only expressed, but also implemented – and that this requires not only the idea itself, but above all people who believe in these ideas.

Daniel Cronin Lecture Topics

  • Moonshot Thinking: On the Art of Thinking Boldly

The greatest ideas almost never leave our heads! But we can’t talk about ideas soon enough, because the moment they are spoken, we no longer think about them. Speaking out about ideas long before they are fully developed is essential – JFK already knew that … because alone we can never implement them – and without implementation an idea is worthless.

  • The Perfect Pitch – convince & inspire in seconds!

Daniel Cronin is one of the most sought-after pitch trainers in Europe and has worked on +10,000 pitches in recent years. Among others, he has worked with Unicorn founders, DAX board members, several universities and even school classes. In the process, he has developed a method that always works, even under the most difficult conditions – which he proved when he became the first person to pitch while skydiving.

  • Radical responsibility: long-term responsibility through radical innovation

“Radical innovation” makes many people uncomfortable – it sounds threatening, after all. In fact, when used correctly, radical innovation does not aim to destroy what already exists, but to offer something to the customers of tomorrow and the day after – and thus also to secure the future of the employees. Parallel to the existing business.

  • How to make something that (no one) believes in: Learnings from 10 years of start-ups

Why ideas have to be tried out as quickly as possible. How to proceed, which mindset is important and what the biggest mistakes are – Daniel Cronin has experienced it all and shares his know-how, like for writing and participating.

The graduate in business administration and trained actor is, among other things, co-founder of AustrianStartups (Austria’s largest startup platform and think tank for innovative entrepreneurship). He has received the honorary title of “The Pitch Professor” from the Vienna University of Technology and is co-host of the tech podcast Future Weekly (top 5% on Spotify). In 2018, he was accepted into the Future Leaders Programme of the 15th Science & Technology in Society forum (STS forum) in Kyoto. Born in Ireland to a German mother, he grew up bilingual and therefore hosts and speaks in both English and German.