Wolfgang Frick: Online is beatable – The right concept and your store runs.

Wolfgang Frick looks back on more than 30 years of retail and marketing experience. His fine rhetoric makes him a much-loved and popular speaker who engages the audience and makes it easy for them to absorb and accept his messages.

On stage, Wolfgang Frick combines the charm of a trained Austrian, the precision of a Swiss Army knife and the blunt directness of a German. The ideal “poison mixture” for a strange event.

Wolfgang Frick Speaking Topics:

  • Online is beatable: The right concept and the store runs
  • Patient brand – The malpractice in marketing
  • The new desire to decide – How to cope better with the daily overabundance of options
  • Big Data: Possibilities and limits of Big Data – What does it bring concretely with which expenditure and where does Big Data become counterproductive?
  • Organization & Structure: Which organization can meet the challenge of the “New Normal”?
  • Change management in the company – Does everything really have to be turned upside down? Is there a need for the “egg-laying willow sow” that analyzes everything and nothing happens?
  • Digitization in retail – The clever business idea for the niche market.
  • Successful branding & brand management – Not every brand needs to tweet, but digitization is part of brand management.

What does the future of the retailer look like? Don’t panic about Amazon, Zalando & Co.

The topic of “dying city centers” in relation to the influencing factor of e-commerce is a phenomenon that has been discussed again and again for years. Stationary retail feels threatened by the ever-increasing growth of online retail. But is retail really dying out? Not according to retail expert Dr.Wolfgang Frick. In his lectures, the former head of marketing at the SPAR Group unleashes a fireworks display of impulses, examples, recommendations and checklists so that retailers can use their very own strengths to compete with online retail. In his encouraging visions, he helps retailers create their own concepts. In doing so, he calls for an offensive approach, the best service and emotional experiences for the customer. In addition, Wolfgang Frick shows how retailers can use sustainability to convince and encourage customers in their purchasing decisions.

Online or offline? Just like cooking, it all depends on the ingredients. Wolfgang Frick shows how stationary retail can inspire customers with the right mix and seasoning. Well-founded. Entertaining. Convincing.

Wolfgang Frick is a three-time book author, his books are true bestsellers and have already been printed and sold in several editions. He lives with his family in Vorarlberg.