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Edgar Itt, the exceptional speaker among the many motivational trainers. His energetic lectures have never been as relevant as they are today.

He was one of the fastest hurdlers in the world and one of the most successful in Germany. German champion. European Cup winner. Olympic medal winner. As a former top athlete, Edgar Itt – winner of the Silver Laurel Leaf – knows what it means to constantly work on yourself. To achieve goals. To be successful. To improve yourself both professionally and personally.

Edgar Itt is fascinated. The highlight of his career as an Olympic athlete, the spectacular medal win with the German 4 x 400 meter relay team at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, became the starting point for a unique vocation.

Edgar Itt motivates. With passionate consistency, he challenges people to lead a self-determined life. As an inspirational trainer and executive coach, he mobilizes every single listener and seminar participant to consistently call upon their own human potential with the deep knowledge of the top athlete.

Edgar Itt challenges. He has been appointed mental coach of the German national athletics team for the Olympic Games. As a role model and trainer, advisor and motivator, he puts the team on the optimal, self-confident path.

Edgar Itt Lecture topics

From top athlete and Olympic medal winner to business graduate and finally to systemic coach and sought-after keynote speaker: Edgar Itt’s career is a living example of what he conveys to audiences and seminar participants today.

  • The inner fire: Olympic Spirit – living visions and values and inspiring people

In order to inspire people with a cause – be it a product, a brand or a social or artistic commitment – you have to be able to convey fascination. Personalities who achieve this almost always have two things in common. Firstly, their path to success has usually not been straightforward. They have had to overcome obstacles, doubts and setbacks. Secondly, they have an indispensable stamina that allows them to overcome such adversity. This enables them to win over other people as fans, supporters and fellow campaigners, work with them as a team and ultimately turn their vision into reality.

Using examples from top-class sport, culture and business, Edgar Itt humorously and emotionally illustrates how an individual value system can be used as a basis for constructive interaction with the personal environment. He explains how to harmonize thinking, speaking and acting and how to make the inner fire of enthusiasm tangible at all levels. Because people are even more enthusiastic about other people than they are about pure ideas.

  • Olympia is in everyone – over hurdles to success

Hurdles are not just for track and field athletes. Former top athlete Edgar Itt is also familiar with them, and not just from his active career as a hurdler. The difference between success and failure is often the “personal, authentic momentum”, as he calls it. In this humorous but above all highly emotional lecture, he describes how to find the right technique to overcome obstacles – from formulating the right vision to consistently pursuing goals. Whether in German or English for an international audience.

From the very first minute, the engaging presentation allows the audience to mentally participate in the world of top athletes. And he builds a bridge that motivates the audience to use their own potential. With lessons he has learned from his own career and gripping examples from other areas, he shows how you can find the right inspiration in every conceivable situation and turn it into real motivation. It is easy for everyone to identify with the presentation – regardless of industry or position in the company. And in the end, everyone in the audience will leave the presentation with lasting inspiration that will hopefully help them find their own personal momentum.

Edgar Itt: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

Their path to success is often far from straightforward: doubts, obstacles and setbacks have to be overcome. But these personalities have one thing in common: they never give up on their vision and use their ability to win over other people as fans, supporters and comrades-in-arms.

Inspiration out of passion. Motivation for your life.

How do they do this? And how can their secret of success be transferred to everyday private and business life? Edgar Itt, one of the most successful hurdlers, gets to the bottom of these questions in his lecture. Using examples from competitive sport, he illustrates how everyone can act on the basis of their individual value system and interact constructively with their environment.

Visions and values: the foundation for your future.

Thinking, speaking and acting should be in harmony with each other and the inner fire of enthusiasm should be palpable at all levels. In addition to a positive attitude and motivating role models, this requires above all the willingness to reach other people not only on a factual level but also with the heart. Because in top-class sport, as in all other areas, people are enthusiastic about ideas and achievements, but above all about other people.

‘Overcoming life’s hurdles with faith in success and passion’ and ‘The inner fire: living visions and values – inspiring people’ is the credo of a unique life story! Edgar Itt has become one of the most important motivational trainers of our time thanks to his credibility and fascinating, lively speaking power.

Today, personalities like him are in demand to help you shape the challenges of our changing times.

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Edgar Itt motivates people and makes them think. In his talks and workshops, Edgar Itt shows how to pursue goals with focus, despite adversity and unpleasant circumstances. He outlines this based on his experience and history as one of the world's best hurdlers. Book Edgar Itt for keynotes plus workshops with The Premium Speakers Agency.