Expert for Personal development & Change management

Dieter Lange: Full lions don’t hunt. Winners are recognized at the start, losers too.

Dieter Lange is managing director of the Institute for Applied Creativity and a trainer of leadership seminars for Bayer, Bertelsmann, BMW, Gruner & Jahr, Siemens, Unilever and many others in Europe. He is also a coach of board members and directors in Europe’s top companies. He is one of the coaches who provide the most impetus for change in companies.

“If you want to lead people, you should first be able to lead yourself.”

Lectures by Dieter Lange that provide answers to the most important questions and ask questions where we think we already know the answers.

Lecture topics by Dieter Lange

  • Leadership excellence in a digital-disruptive world of permanent change
  • CHANGE – The supreme discipline of the future: change competence
  • Winners are recognized at the start – so are losers
  • The valley has cleared – the recession is the economy of the good guys
  • Full lions do not hunt
  • If you want to lead employees and customers, you should first be able to lead yourself.
  • Work is fun – or sick
  • Those who always walk in the footsteps of others need not be surprised if they leave no impressions.
  • Markets in change! Companies in change? People in change?
  • The leadership quality of the future: change competence.
  • The golden rule of leadership: There is no golden rule, but there are 10 characteristics for leadership excellence.
  • Motivation of the successful: He who wins the hearts has an easy game with the heads

His brilliant rhetoric, moving figures of speech and metaphors make his appearances unique experiences in free speech. Dieter Lange is usually the highlight at congresses!

Dieter Lange does not shy away from conflicts regarding change processes and stimulates with his positive and optimistic manner. Pragmatism and vision in modern management.

Dieter Lange: Work is fun. Or sick.

On the basis of a transformed (self-)consciousness, the latest insights and management methods are offered, which in a strongly application-specific way show ways to anticipate rather than to meet future demands on managers in ever faster changing markets.