Sebastian Decker is a sought-after expert for data-driven online marketing and online store building and is booked as a speaker, consultant and trainer by renowned companies and agencies (DHL, DURST Group, Reiseland, Clever Fit, etc.). He gives guest lectures at various colleges and universities. His analyses are razor-sharp, to the point and easy to understand.

Sebastian Decker enables companies to use their own data more effectively and to tap into the data of the Internet companies (Google, Facebook and co.) and to utilize it for themselves and more customer benefits. In his presentations, he shows how digital sales processes can help not only to generate leads and increase sales, but also to make customers and their own sales staff more satisfied.

In his presentations, Sebastian Decker decodes the digital strategies of the big players and hidden champions and breaks them down to the most essential components of success. His presentations are eye-opening, driving and entertaining due to their surprising anecdotes. He enlightens and sometimes sticks his thumb into wounds in a well-dosed way, so that it hurts sometimes.

Sebastian Decker Lecture topics

Time travel into the future of advertising – How algorithms and data will change our advertising and how you can use this profitably for your company.

  • Address buying is stone age: How Google, Facebook and co. Create online user profiles and you can access them
  • What self-driving cars have in common with the advertising of the future
  • How operational marketing tasks will be taken over by machines in the future
  • Why your company should start marketing itself online NOW at the latest and what the first steps could be.

Time travel into the future of sales – Why your sales department wastes 90% of its resources and how you can change that with digital technologies.

  • Why companies are wasting incredible resources in sales today
  • Why your salespeople will thank you when they go digital
  • Online Success Recipes: What digital strategies can do for any business
  • How to tap into the data of the big Internet companies and put it to work for you

Time travel into the future of consumption – How the Internet and online commerce are changing our expectations of companies and their service

  • E-commerce boom: Why more and more people are buying online and what it means for your business
    Decision-making 2.0: How conscious buying decisions are made today
  • Zero Moment of Truth: Why your customers know better than you do and how to control that decision for your company
  • Enthusiasm Marketing: 3 recipes to wow your customers and become the leader in your field
  • Reviews: Afraid of fake reviews? What you should do to protect yourself.
  • Website or online store: What exactly they should do to attract the dream customers of the future.

Sebastian Decker talks about how algorithms influence us and how platforms like Google, Meta and co. build up targeted interest profiles.

User profiles are used again and again by performance marketing agencies. Almost all participants of his workshops think that they sometimes feel bugged or observed by Google, Meta, Alexa and co. The fact is: algorithms influence the formation of opinion. And – we have long since ceased to live in an Internet in which we determine 100% what information we receive. That is determined by the machines – not by us.

EVOLVE Digital – Online & Performance Marketing

Sebastian Decker: “Medium-sized businesses and our large-scale industry have highly efficient production, but highly wasteful sales. Digitizing sales processes is the key to success here.”

With proven recipes for success, Sebastian Decker uses red-hot online marketing methods to combat wasted resources in marketing and sales. His presentations leave you motivated and with full clarity on which opportunities and measures you should take to successfully position your company and sales for the digital future.

Sebastian Decker broke off his career in large-scale chemical industry at a BASF subsidiary in 2017. Even at his young age, the chemist (Dr. rer. nat. Technical Chemistry) and economist (B.Sc.) holds a doctorate degree.  Sebastian Decker is a numbers man & scientist and thus stands for factual knowledge and transparency.

Today, Dr. Sebastian Decker is a management consultant and one of the few trainers of the Google Future Workshop and owner of his own performance marketing agency “EVOLVE Digital”. In 2020 & 2021, he spent over 230 hours lecturing on stage or in the workshop room. His mission is to empower companies to build scalable customer production machines via the internet.