Your “Magical’ Meetings and Events Speaker, Expert in magical innovation

Less Processes, more Magic

Products, services, messages and business strategies are hardly ever successful as a result of complex policies, procedures and rules.

Favourable outcomes primarily occur due to experienceable feelings, desires and vision. Memorable Magical Moments lead to favourable communication in leadership, business, departments and teams. Forget red tape and bureaucracy! A magical treasure chest of logic, perception and passion will shatter your current thinking, replacing it with tangible solutions. These will release your innovative potential, so that your organisation, management, employees and customers can profit from it.  What are Memorable Magical Moments? How do they originate? And how do they improve your attention?

With dynamic energy, Wolfgang creates moments of amazement, reinforcing the power of these magical moments first hand. Thus creating Aha-moments that free limited thinking and open new potential that allows delegates to internalise everything they experience during this life-changing keynote.

The secret is (not) pure Illusion

As a master of perception, Wolfgang bridges the divide between logic and emotion through humour and charm. He reinforces his messages with illusion and perplexing logic. This unique combination has made him one of the leading global Business Magic Speakers on Motivation, Logic and Cognitive Thinking. For over 25 years Wolfgang has spoken at most of the worlds 500 top blue-chip companies in over 150 countries. This iconic travel experience has reinforced the

diversity of people and cultures, yet Wolfgang still manages to change the lives of everyone he encounters. In 2015 he completed  his masters thesis in strategic leadership with a focus in innovation and change, enabling him to combine academic research with real-life experience. He erases your old thought patters and opens your mind and eyes to new experiences so that you too can savour the real magic of life and begin creating Memorable Magical Moments for customers and staff.

Wolfgang uses the power of magic to…

  • to explain how the brain functions,
  • dissolve rigid and restricting thought patterns,
  • change staff views and improve customer experience,
  • increase emotional awareness within companies
  • and entertain his audience at the same time..

After all, products, services, a message or even a corporate strategy do not sell themselves through numbers, policies and processes, but through tangible visions and feelings!

Awards & Achievements

  • Iconic 25 Year + track record.   – Appearances in over 150 + Countries.   – Best Selling and multiple author: Discover Your Magic.
  • GSA Million Dollar Table  2012/13.  – Masters Degree: Leading Innovation & Change.   – CSP Speaker award – NSA, USA in 2012.
  • National President Professional Speakers Association SA 2010-12. – 11 Million+ YouTube views.    – South African TV Personality

Client Reviews

Coca Cola: “Truly amazing, relevant and very professional. Judging by the delegates reaction I think you did a superb performance.”

AVIS: “Many thanks, the client was very happy.” SPAR: “A true professional and a joy to watch.”

Memorable Magical Moments