Presenter for events, conferences, congresses & TV, Resilience coach

Sabine Bianchi moderates events, panel discussions, conferences, TV and video productions, and online formats with empathy, professionalism and humour. She brings 30 years of experience in moderation.

Sabine Bianchi began her career under the name Sabine Egger, serving as a ‘weather fairy’ on ARD’s ‘Wetter im Ersten,’ a program attracting over one million viewers per episode. Her role included numerous live broadcasts on the ARD morning news program and on morning shows across various Swiss radio stations.

She later held positions as a news and talk presenter, producer, and journalist at Eastern Switzerland Regional Television (tvo), and served as a managing director and consultant at various communications agencies, as well as a systemic organizational consultant. These roles provided her with deep insights into various topics and industries, honing her instincts for communication and understanding people’s needs and perspectives.

Sabine Bianchi Moderation topics:

  • Business and Politics
  • Energy
  • Management and Leadership
  • Society
  • Health and Well-being
  • Stress Management and Resilience
  • Change Management

Connecting content and people

A key strength of Sabine Bianchi is her ability to thoroughly familiarize herself with a wide array of topics, while creating a space for spontaneity, authenticity, and humor in her moderation. She is renowned for connecting content with people, thus fostering an excellent environment for dialogue, debate, experience sharing, learning, enthusiasm, and inspiration, whether at events, conferences, or in workshops and resilience training sessions.

Sabine Bianchi Resilience coach

As a trained complementary therapist, Sabine Bianchi is heavily involved with the topic of resilience. A topic that is becoming increasingly relevant both in companies and in the private sphere. Our everyday lives are characterised by constant movement. When illness, crises or significant change projects are added to this, we are faced with major challenges. Uncertainty is a constant companion in our lives. A conscious, reflective approach to uncertainty is a core discipline of resilience. According to a study by the German Future Institute, resilience is described as a key future competence. Building resilience is therefore an important task for individuals as well as companies and organisations.

Resilience does not mean being free from stress, pressure or anxiety. In her workshops, Sabine Bianchi supports individuals, teams and organisations in developing strategies and mindsets to better deal with change and be prepared for future challenges.