Rafael Hostettler & Roboy: Artificial intelligence and robotics will change our society like no other technology since the invention of the steam engine. Then, it allowed us to go beyond the limitations of our bodies, now, we increasingly enter a world where we overcome the limitations of our minds. One of mankind’s greatest opportunities, if we do it right.

Speaking Topics Rafael Hostettler & Roboy:

– At the End of our work? How automation and AI might end the dictate of work – if we want it to.
– Roboy & Lucy – a robot, cross-medial content, one goal: preparing children, parents & board members for the future with AI
– How to turn science fiction in to science facts
– Winning the Future – Robots and AIs Today and Tomorrow
– Ski Resort of the Future – with robots, artificial intelligence, and the consequences
– Roboy Initiative – robots as good as the human body
– AI & Robotics in Medicine
– Future of Robotics & AI

Rafael Hostettler looks at the world from the future and is on a mission to do so for a long time to come. Since his Master’s degree at ETH Zurich in 2012, he has therefore been building robots modelled after the human body and leading a medical devices start-up.

Roboy, his 3D-printed robot boy, is not only part of the research project “The Human Brain Project” to give bodies to simulated brains. Roboy also plays in a theatre, goes to school and teaches children artificial intelligence & ethics.

The “Medical Templates AG”, his start-up, develops an impressively simple solution to make biopsies and pain therapy simpler, faster and safer. For this purpose, a simple plastic cube is made intelligent through imaging and algorithms. All his activities are facets of the same mission: Advancing science, preparing society for the future, being able to develop medical devices and building a community for future development; everything is part of ultimately becoming a robot himself in order to remain curious forever.