World Champion & Olympic Champion in the German Rowing Eight

Andreas Kuffner: 16 years of high performance sports, World Champion & Olympic Gold in the German Rowing Eight and industrial engineer.

For 24 years there was no Olympic gold for the German Rowing Eight. Continuing as before was therefore not an option for Andreas Kuffner and the Team Germany Eight. On their way to the 2012 Olympic Games in London, the team decided instead to approach things differently and critically, asking themselves the same simple question in every single conversation, decision and action: “Are we really making the boat faster with what we’re doing?”

On their journey, they learned sustainable, reliable techniques that put them on the path to their gold medal at the Olympics. Andreas Kuffner, born in 1987, is now an Olympic champion and silver medalist in the German eight. He was world champion, European champion several times and won 8 medals at World Cups, seven of them gold. In his 16-year sports career, he twice received the Silver Laurel Leaf, the highest sports award of the Federal Republic of Germany. In addition to all his sporting successes, he very successfully completed his master’s degree in industrial engineering as well as his training as a systemic personal & business coach.

Andreas Kuffner Lecture Topics

  • High Performance Team – How to make the boat go faster
  • Leadership in complex times – Turning changes and setbacks into real opportunities
  • Gripping optimism – Dealing with change and setbacks
  • The crisis as the most important innovation center
  • Your inner team – the Olympic champion in you
  • Freedom of choice and trust – the cornerstones for best performance

Today he works as a certified coach and organizational and team developer. Andreas Kuffner is active as a trainer, workshop leader and keynote speaker for companies from various industries.

Andreas Kuffner’s “eighth” sense: “Does this make the boat go faster?”

His stories are not only motivating, but also practical and applicable. In his presentations, Andreas Kuffner takes his audience on his own personal journey to two Olympic medals – on land and on water. A journey on which the inner pig and the will to win, holding on and letting go, deep conviction and nagging doubts are all in the same boat and ultimately become the winning team.

Andreas Kuffner: Creating spaces for connection, effectiveness and adventure – that is his mission and he dedicates himself to it with full passion, creativity and devotion.

Andreas talks about dealing with change and setbacks as well as the development of the German eight and the importance of a culture of mistakes on the successful way to two Olympic Games.

In his presentations, Andreas Kuffner forcefully demonstrates how important a high quality of relationships and resonance are for high-performance teams in order to increase the quality of cooperation. Because especially in times of high change dynamics, the relationship quality between the people involved is the most important basis for success – not only in sports!