Expert Generation Y & Z, Entrepreneur & Author

Matthew Mockridge is an Expert on Generation Y & Z, Entrepreneur and SPIEGEL bestselling author with publications in 10 languages.

Matthew Mockridge studied business and entrepreneurship in the U.S., but returned to his native Germany to found and later sell a company that has been called “the Facebook of the live entertainment industry. The recipe for success: He perfectly speaks the language of the target group: Gen Y.

Today, Matthew Mockridge (usually in cap and sneakers) gives unparalleled talks to companies like PHILIPS, RE/MAX, Lufthansa, MERCK and SHELL on the insights of his crazy story and the implications for business and leadership in the changing generations.

He is a start-up founder (including NEONSPLASH®, 60+ locations Europe-wide and WUNDERGARTEN®, Germany’s largest community for mindful parenting).

Matthew Mockridge Lecture Topics

  • Culture change: The future of work in the hands of the new generation
  • Understanding the Young: Motivation, Inspiration & Leadership
  • Next Generation Entrepreneurship – The Bridge to Gen Y & Z
  • The Entrepreneur of the Future: From Start-Up to Mid-Size Company

More Topics from Matthew Mockridge

“TODAY, not tomorrow!”
This talk is about motivation, inspiration, the courage to change and truly connecting with yourself, your team and your customers for immediate and lasting results for everyone in the audience.

“The Bridge to Gen-Z.”
This presentation is about the latest insights on how to successfully recruit, retain and lead the youngest generation in the job market – Gen-Z: a mammoth generation that will make up more than 50% of all consumers worldwide as early as 2025, and 98% of whom own a smartphone. In order not to miss this historic opportunity, the talk dives deep into how this generation lives, decides, buys, what their desires are and what we need to do today to build an authentic bridge to Gen-Z in time so we don’t miss the boat tomorrow.

“Trainee All-Star Team”
If you want performance, you have to offer meaning. In this talk, trainees get special added value and authentic appreciation. A lecture that welds them together, binds them to their company and creates long-term meaning. Here they learn for life from a speaker who speaks their language.

Matthew Mockridge is an international keynote speaker and TV founder coach on the Sat.1 series “START-UP! Who will be Germany’s best founder?” His clients range from innovative start-ups to long-established Fortune500 corporations as he brings new perspectives to the communication, understanding and influence of different generations – no babble, no PowerPoint. Matthew Mockridge speaks the language of Generation Y & Z.

Matthew Mockridge inspires during his presentations and his statements are so concrete and comprehensible that he directly triggers change processes and action.

Matthew is born into the well-known “Mockridge family” and thus naturally ends up in the entertainment business – but on the producer side! At only 28 years old, he expands his first start-up NEONSPLASH® – Paint-Party, a mixture of Blue Man Group, Cirque Du Soleil and an electro-festival, out of his student digs into more than 60 cities.

In his SPIEGEL bestseller “Dein nächstes großes Ding – gute Ideen aus dem nichts entwickeln!” (Your next big thing – developing good ideas from nothing!) and in his starring role as the official founder coach of the primetime TV show “START-UP!” (Sat.1), Matthew sets out to give dusty concepts from leadership, marketing, motivation and company culture a whole new perspective.

Matt Mockridge is a meta-entrepreneur with a lot of heart and a proven “paint-by-numbers” approach to next-generation companies, cultures and campaigns, in a time when meaning is required to sustain performance.