Founder & CEO of ZISO - Innovation + Architecture Lab - Space Architect, Expert of skyscrapers, large scale Urbanism & inclusive human centered Design

Michal Ziso is Founder & CEO of ZISO – Innovation + Architecture Lab, and The SLEEP – Revolutionizing Sleep, Recharge and Intimacy on Earth & Beyond. She is an Architect & Space Architect, expert of skyscrapers, large scale urbanism and inclusive human centered design.

Michal Ziso is a visionary architect, futurist space architect, and trailblazing design expert who spearheads inclusive, human-centered design on Earth and beyond. She is the founder and CEO of ZISO, an innovation + architecture lab, and a SpaceTech startup called The SLEEP, where she is leading the charge in cutting-edge deep-tech design.

Michal Ziso Lecture topics

  • Space for Earth / Re:design Optimism – exploring the unique challenges and opportunities of space design, and how it can inspire and inform design on Earth.
  • Surviving to Thriving / Space Architecture in the New Space Era – addressing the need for new design and innovation initiatives as the space industry shifts its focus from mere survival to well-being and quality living.
  • Visioning The Future / Trend-Spotting – examining the fusion of recent global mega-trends in the universe, and how they can inform innovation on Earth.
  • Re:image Self / Inspiration to Finding Your Competitive Edge – sharing her journey to becoming a space architect and the importance of dreaming big to stand out in a fiercely competitive industry.
  • Different Worlds – Possible Futures – exploring the latest developments and upcoming plans in the local and global space industry, and the potential for collaboration and multidisciplinary innovation to shape the future in the universe.
  • The Great Re:start / Making Unbiased Decisions – What if we got a chance to start over? What if that chance is already here? Exploring the importance of acknowledging our own unconscious biases and its future impacts to create inclusive and user-centered products and workplaces through an out of this world scenario play.

With over a decade of experience as an architect specializing in large scale projects such as skyscrapers, working from Tel Aviv to New York City, Michal noticed a lack of diversity and inclusivity in the field, which sparked her curiosity about the relationship between the designers of our built environments and the quality of life they provide. Through her research, she discovered that discrimination by design is a widespread problem and sought to promote change in the industry. When she encountered resistance to change, she turned her attention to the next frontier – outer space – where she researches and designs living environments for humans beyond Earth.

As a futurist Space Architect, Michal Ziso harnesses the extreme environments of space to drive innovation, disruption, and impact back on Earth. Today, she is a global expert in the New Space ecosystem and serves on the advisory board of Moon2Mars Ventures and Earth & Beyond Ventures + Incubator in collaboration with the Israeli Innovation Authority, while bringing back space ideas to tackle earth burning issues with work including being a management board member of SDG Branch – Environmental, Social, Governance Union at AEAI – Association of Engineers and Architects in Israel.

Michal Ziso is a two-time TEDx speaker, commanding the global stage as a frequent keynote and public speaker, sharing ideas with over 100,000 humans in the audience, and counting.

Her diverse list of clients includes NASA, the Israeli Space Agency, Parsons School of Design, Dubai Future Forum, and Wix. Michal Ziso is an expert in inclusive human-centered design on Earth and beyond, and a trailblazer in her field and a sought-after speaker on a range of topics, including inspirations from space to re:design optimism on earth, inspiration re:imagine ourselves and our careers as well as tools to re:start the way we approach decision making from an unbiased perspective.

Her exceptional achievements include being awarded a scholarship by the Israeli Space Agency to study at the International Space University, as well as being invited by NASA to speak to their engineers and scientists about her unique approach to space architecture. Additionally, Michal’s lab ZISO has been recognized by the United Nations as one of the top 10 global initiatives fighting for gender equality and has joined their 2019 UN SDG Action campaign.

Michal Ziso’s engaging talks, insights and thought-provoking ideas provide valuable insights into the intersection of innovation, D&I and sustainability, as she inspires audiences to dream big, think beyond boundaries and embrace new possibilities in all aspects of their lives. Her speeches are not only informative but also engaging and inspiring, leaving a lasting impact on her listeners.