Ice hockey coach, qualified sports mental trainer and stress and resilience coach

Christian Wohlwend is a former ice hockey player who was born in Canada and grew up in Switzerland. After his active ice hockey career, he became a coach.

Christian Wohlwend is a volcano, a loud, dynamic and passionate coach. One who challenges his players every day. Again and again. Until they ‘perform’ in such a way that they succeed. And his style and success prove him right: from Bülach to Lugano and the U20 national team to the “head coach” of HC Davos. At all these stations, he was at the helm for three to four years in each case, taking over teams at the bottom of the table and leading them far to the top.

He is convinced that too much is said about success and defeats, but too little about the team process and personality development. What goes on between the competitions and matches that then have a major influence on victory and defeat? And how can these processes be transferred into business, companies and your team?

Christian Wohlwend Lecture topics

  • Team process
  • Hero’s journey
  • Archetypes
  • Challenge and pressure to perform
  • Stress and conflict
  • Crisis and Resilience
  • Self-efficacy and personal development
  • Role models and leaders

Seminars & workshops for team development

How long and rocky is the road to success, respectively how does the so-called hero’s journey look like in the philosophy of Christian Wohlwend? Which characters make up a team? In his instructive seminars, Christian Wohlwend explains different behavioral patterns based on the four archetypes:

  • Warrior – courage, focus, intensity
  • Lover – self love, passion, empathy
  • Magician – creative, intuitive, manifesting
  • King – leader, humble, challenging

In module seminars, the experienced ice hockey coach, trained sports mental trainer and stress and resilience coach Christian Wohlwend will work with you on tools for acquiring behavioral patterns and character traits. The tools are designed to: Inspire, Sensitize, Remind and Mobilize. Based on the resilience concept, basic needs are explored, visions and goals are developed and visualized. For example, how does visualization work at all? A tool that is often used in top-class sports and can also be transferred to business.

Christian Wohlwend is an ice hockey trainer, speaker and coach with passion, determination and commitment. And his presentations and seminars are exactly the same: authentic, honest and emotionally direct.

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