Snowboard World Champion, Peak Performance Expert & Keynote Speaker

Cla Mosca – Mental Self-Management – Key Competence in the New Normal.

Imagine being able to consciously control your energy, to reduce stress easily and quickly at any time within minutes, and to specifically call up a healthy performance. Even when the world around you is going crazy.

Cla Mosca welcomes you to the New Normal. During an interactive lecture, he will show his audience why mental self-management is the number one key competence and which methods everyone can use to take responsibility for themselves.

As a snowboard world champion in 1993, Cla Mosca experienced intensively what it is like to be at the top and what it takes to get there. But he also knows how it feels when the pressure becomes too much.

As a coach and peak performance expert, he has been accompanying people – professional athletes, executives and private individuals with their everyday issues – for over 20 years.

Cla learned early on that physical and mental problems are closely linked. As a nature-loving Engadine, he reaches the audience in a way that is understandable and can be experienced. Sometimes calm, sometimes spectacular. He bridges the gap between top-class sport, everyday professional life and private life. With simple exercises, he makes what he says come alive and invites the audience to make their own experiences.

Cla Mosca – Lecture Topic:

The 3 pillars of mental self-management

These take top priority in a rapidly changing and uncertain world (New Normal). For one’s own well-being and the achievement of one’s goals:

  1. Energy is the key to everything. Without energy, nothing works.
    Controlling your energy is essential to success.
  2. Remove blockages – neutralising physical, mental and emotional stress allows you to release your energy.
  3. Focus determines where the energy flows and thus whether someone succeeds or fails.

Use Cla Mosca’s authentic presentation as that certain something for your event. Offer your audience an experience that gets under their skin. The participants receive concrete principles that they can use the next day.