Michael Schulz is a direct sales professional, long-time sales manager and passionate trainer and developer.

“Emotions are the real decision makers.”

His clients are sales teams, sales managers, managing directors from small and medium-sized companies, as well as young graduates who are gaining their first experience as managers. As a bridge builder between generations, he prepares Gen Y and Z for the future challenges in sales.

As the son of a self-employed man, Michael Schulz (born 1967) was born with the leadership gene. After two apprenticeships and his marketing and communications studies, he started his career as a sales manager and country product manager in tourism at EF-Sprachreisen, an operator of language tours for students to England, France, Malta and the USA.

After switching to the mobility industry, he has played a decisive role in shaping the development of the stairlift market in Germany for over 25 years. During this time he has become an expert in “Emotional Selling” as well as “Leadership and Motivation in Direct Sales” and has contributed in various leadership (and sales manager) positions to the fact that stairlifts today enjoy a high level of acceptance as a “piece of furniture in old age”.

Michael Schulz Lecture topics

Life is not “for sale!”

  • Why emotions are the true decision makers in sales
  • Why top performance can only be achieved if, in addition to well-developed sales skills, one’s own value framework is built on a stable foundation.
  • Why intrinsic motivation and passion are the drivers for sustainable success.
  • Parallels between sports and sales: What salespeople can learn from marathon runners
  • Why you should live your own life both professionally and privately and not “someone else’s life”.
  • Why you should never postpone your plans

Next generation in sales – how do we deal with it?

  • The generation change in sales and in companies – opportunities, challenges and solutions
  • What makes generations Y and Z tick – and what role do human values play in this?
  • How do we create a “match” between old and young in the environment of “New Work?”
  • Digitization in Sales – The Future of Field Service

Michael Schulz is a real “Hamburg guy” and grew up in the Hanseatic city. After working in Berlin and Munich, he returned to his hometown in 2006. He is married and his hobbies include marathon running, traveling, diving and skiing. As a soccer referee, he was active in Hamburg’s amateur divisions for 10 years.

As a keynote speaker, Michael Schulz loves to inspire his audience and make them think. One of his strengths is to motivate his audience with humor and freshness to immediately implement his practical tips. His sales reservoir from 30 years of sales and leadership experience as well as incisive personal experiences help him to do this.