Journalist, Speaker, Moderator, Rhetoric-Expert

Stephan Klapproth, journalist and moderator.

Stephan Klapproth was the Anchorman of Swiss National Television’s «Ten O’Clock News» program from 1993 until 2015. Trained as a political scientist, he also regularly covers main news events all over the world. As a moderator, he has interviewed many heads of government, ministers, CEO and celebrities − especially so during the World Economic Forum WEF held annually in Davos/Switzerland.

Beside his journalistic day-to-day activities, he is a lecturer at Neuenburg and Zurich Universities, where he teaches journalism and media history. Before his time with Swiss television, Stephan anchored Swiss National Radio’s main Current Affairs Program «Echo der Zeit».

Stephan Klapproth holds the accolade of having won the «Swiss TV Award» as the country’s most popular news presenter. He teaches communication and journalism at the universities of Neuenburg and Zurich. He is also in demand as a speaker and conducts economic symposia as well as political debates.