Regina Först - the expert on humanity and success in business. With her help you will enable your leaders to embark on the road to success!

Regina Först – astonishing, thrilling, a true shake-up. With her “People Först – business follows” she adds a complete new outline on the term “success”. Charming and with unerring instinct, she shakes up any hindering business habits, to perfectly match your personality, your business and she shows just how differently it can work. Without patterns and conventions, yet with an individual and fascinating matrix – one of a kind.

You needn’t believe this, simply experience it and make it your own journey. Each leadership style is unique, therefore it is essential to find these personal strengths and implement them within the managerial role to produce soft skills.

Why? Social incompetence is often the straw to tip the scale where economic and personal success is concerned. Soft skills = hard facts. Important: A people oriented management style is not an ‘all cozy’ strategy but a flawless case in which everybody involved wins. Those who approach their employees with appreciation and respect, encourages their confidence, creativity, efficiency and commitment. Naturally: A strong team spirit can move mountains. If the right environment is created- success is guaranteed!

Focus: Executives

Driving Licence for Executives – Licence for Humanity and Success in Business

Leaders need inner clarity, whoever has that can easily embody and promote enthusiasm, values, focus orientation and appreciation – thereby leading successfully. One becomes more aware of ones attitudes and exterior effect becomes clearer. Decisions are made easier, discussions are held with more confidence, trust is gained faster and motivation grows through all members of staff. Fact is: Professional expertise is not enough anymore. HOW is often more important than WHAT: Solid soft skills give you the best preconditions. Who approaches his employees with respect, encourages their I-competence, creativity, efficiency and an outstanding commitment. And YOU develop even more authentic and charismatic leadership personality.

People win people: This speech will unmistakably illustrate that humanity in business is not all ‘cozy strategy’, but now is considered a hard fact for a company. Guide your executives onto this business path.

Focus: Customer Loyalty

Customer Whisperers – Being well-positioned you will also convince externally

What good is it if you have received an excellent offer, you act highly competent as regards to profession and soft skills, but nobody is aware of it? The market is overloaded. Customers are well-informed and are not short of choices. They go where they can find quality AND are acknowledged personally.

A purchase is always decided, in part, from the heart. We buy the things that give us a positive feeling. This requires trust in the product, in the entire company and its employees. How can you guarantee that? By ensuring that everything within the company is in order, that employees are contented and that the leaders and the team are pulling together. Being well-positioned you will also convince externally. Position yourself as an attractive employer, who lets people grow professionally and personally, receiving many promising applications. Support your brand by active Emplorer Branding. Become a reliable partner for your clients and customers as they are the best marketing tool you have. After this uplifting and imaginative speech you will know why employees are representing for every company. How to find excellent employees and how to keep them. How to turn customers into inspired customers. They will stay by your side in loyalty.

Regina Först, best-seller author and expert on humanity and success within business, belongs to the most successful top 100 speakers and business consultants within the German speaking countries. She truly believes in her strategy, practices what she preaches and possesses an exceptional gift to enthuse and capture people. As an “advocate for humanity” Regina Först always touches the heart and mind of her listeners and takes them on a wave of success. Within her ingenious and amusing speeches, training and coaching, she leads the people into a wide spectrum of her individual and entrepreneurial power of success. Business is people!