TV journalist and commentator, football expert

She has been the female voice of football for more than 30 years. Claudia Neumann is a journalist and commentator with passion and competence.

Football was born in her cradle. Growing up as a “classic 9” on the football pitches with the boys – socialized in football with the ´74 world champion team.

While studying German and sports she entered the TV business in the early 1990s with private television, which was innovative at that time. Claudia Neumann quickly established herself as a recognized football reporter and commentator on “ran”, the legendary SAT.1 football show.

After moving to ZDF at the end of the 1990s, the Rhinelander rose to become the 1. female live commentator in football and has also reported on site from all World and European Championships since 1994.

Tennis during the times of Boris Becker and Steffi Graf and Cycling with Jan Ullrich´s team were also her profession for many years.

Claudia Neumann Lecture topics

  • As the first woman in a male domain – How I learnt to take life sportily
  • The football revolution: Diversity in football, structural grievances and the development of women’s football
  • Ethics and values in sport: What we as a society can learn from basic values such as team spirit and fair play in sporting competition
  • The role and responsibility of the media in increasingly overheated sports reporting

With the introduction of today´s common social media escort service, Claudia Neumann became the personified spearhead in discussions about how misogynistic the mechanisms in the supposedly male-dominated football still are today and how modern Germany actually is.

Initially rather gritty, but today with a lot of energy and full conviction, Claudia Neumann has accepted the role model role that was intended for her and has been fighting with great commitment ever since for mor women in all areas of football. Because it is necessary, because football also needs to reflect society much more appropriately.

From then on, the journalist increasingly addressed these topics in her TV work through films and documentaries. In addition, as a member of the initiative “fussballkannmehr”, she is committed to this topic as well as all other socially relevant aspects of football.

As an experienced and opinionated journalist, Claudia Neumann is a sought-after speaker, presenter and talk guest on numerous social transfer topics that sports offers. Gender equality and the appropriate promotion of woman are important challenges of our time, for which Claudia Neumann is a strong advocate.