Enthusiasm comes from the Heart, Leadership Speaker & Coach & Trainer

Mahsa Amoudadashi: Enthusiasm comes from the heart.

Everyone learns a trade or profession. But some are born with a vocation. Like Mahsa Amoudadashi. Passionate and committed, she shows people how to enthuse and inspire others. This former ‘friendliness tsar’ is a fan of creative chaos, but her message is clear: time spent working is time spent living – and no one should waste it.

Presentation: Transforming enthusiasm into quality.

It’s common knowledge: inspiring your customers leads to success. But what few realize is that inspiring your employees is the path to getting there. Mahsa Amoudadashi was Germany’s first ‘friendliness tsar’ and now demonstrates how to transform employees into motivated co-entrepreneurs. She makes an impassioned plea – for more responsibility, trust, gratitude, transparency and a positive approach to mistakes. Because this is the fertile soil on which service quality thrives. Mahsa Amoudadashi’s interesting insights and invaluable practical tips demonstrate how to build this important foundation.

It goes without saying that Mahsa Amoudadashi, who can win over an entire auditorium in the blink of an eye with her charm and charisma, has learnt a profession. Iranian by birth, she trained as a hospitality specialist at the prestigious Schindlerhof in Nuremberg after completing her Abitur, the German baccalaureate equivalent. And she remained at the conference hotel in a capacity that is unique throughout Germany – managing director Klaus Kobjoll gave her the post of ‘friendliness tsar’. Her job was to ensure that both guests and employees at the Schindlerhof felt as good as possible – the perfect task for a young woman bursting with warmth and great ideas.

Mahsa Amoudadashi soon realized that she couldn’t teach her colleagues friendliness and warmth. But she could inspire them.

She realized that she could transform her colleagues into co-entrepreneurs and give them the chance to make a difference. With success: despite the high demands, the team at the Schindlerhof enjoy their work and pass this upbeat vibe on to the guests. One of these guests is René Borbonus. And he was able to convince Mahsa Amoudadashi to pass on her knowledge and skills at presentations and seminars.

Mahsa Amoudadashi opted to study economic psychology and is now not only an important member of the team at Communico, but also a highly sought-after speaker. Her presentations illuminate the world of work from the viewpoint of an employee. With her warm and approachable nature, scientifically based facts and many practical examples, she demonstrates just how important it is to inspire and enthuse staff. She wants to energize people and make them aware that nothing – not even financial incentives – has a more empowering effect on team performance than job satisfaction.

Let Mahsa Amoudadashi and her passion for enthusiasm, friendliness and warmth inspire you.