Kevin Lötscher – Ice time.

Kevin Lötscher was just twenty-three years old when he scored two goals for Switzerland in his first senior World Championship against the USA on May 9, 2011. All doors were open to him – even those to the best ice hockey league in the world, the NHL. But just five days later, everything changed. On 14 May 2011, he was hit by a drunk driver in Valais and flew thirty meters onto a pile of gravel. Unconsciousness, danger to life.

Lötscher: “From hero to zero – in less than a week.”

Lötscher suffers severe craniocerebral trauma and has to relearn simple things like walking and eating. Contrary to all medical prognoses, he manages to get back on the ice. But he has to realize: The days of “golden hands” are over. The after-effects of the accident are too strong. He retires – and falls into a deep hole.

Kevin Lötscher Lecture topic

  • You are the playmaker – you decide what happens next

His presentation gives a deep, honest and authentic insight into Kevin Lötscher’s time on the ice, but also the cold, dark time afterwards. He tells how he found his way out of the hole and came to an important realization: “You are the playmaker” – you decide what happens next!

Kevin Lötscher talks about his personal experiences and how he found his way back to personal success after a stroke of fate. The former professional field hockey player explains in an impressive and honest way how his GmbH and eponymous life motto “SORGHA” came about and why the focus is on people.