Former Swiss snowboarder and Olympic champion Tanja Frieden has made a name for herself as an energy and transformation coach following her successful sports career.

Since 2008, she has been accompanying performance-orientated people with determination and empathy on their path to transforming blockages, beliefs and resistance into target power in the shortest possible time. As the founder and owner of the Friedensacademy, she passes on her many years of experience in top-level sport to pass on her knowledge of transformation and goal achievement.

Tanja Frieden supports high performers (influential networkers) in rediscovering their inner leadership, dealing with fatigue, and unleashing their uniqueness by connecting with something bigger. Her coaching, characterised by High Energy Performance, is aimed at people who are already successful at the highest level but are looking for inner fulfilment. Using targeted methods such as bodywork, subtlety, energy work and transformation, she helps her clients to recognise their soul mission and open up new fields in their professional and private lives.

In her lectures, the first female Olympic champion in the snowboard boardercross discipline gives insights into her career as a top athlete and her steps as founder of the Friedensacademy.

Tanja Frieden Lecture topics

  • With ease and passion to success – Reach your personal Olympus
  • Honesty towards yourself and your own energy resources
  • How can I perform without burning out?
  • There is no motivation – only right or wrong goals
  • Clarify your why, not your wherefore; why big goals are really important!
  • Deleting fears and limitations as information from our cells helps us to become more relaxed
  • Let go of your own limitations and increase your frequency – your state of mind depends on the frequency and your energies
  • What is intuition and what can we use it for?

Inspiring, humorous and straightforward:

Tanja talks about transformation, energy work and the integration of subtlety in business. She shows their effect and how blocked energies can be channelled again, making success easier to achieve. She differentiates between performance goals and behavioural goals and invites you to move from thinking to feeling. Clear. Direct. From the heart.

In her presentation, Tanja Frieden also explores the question in an impressive and sustainable way:

How can personal and professional growth take place without inner struggle and tension, but with ease and serenity?