Business Consultant & Former Swiss Ambassador in Berlin, Germany

Dr. Thomas Borer was born on 29th July 1957 in Basel. He studied at the Faculty of Law at the University of Basel and was awarded a doctorate “summa cum laude” in 1985, writing his thesis on the principle of mandatory prosecution of offenses and foreign affairs. Subsequently he gained work experience in the private sector, among other things as a legal advisor and in investment consulting with Credit Suisse. In 1987 he joined the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) as a diplomat.

Following assignments in Bern (Directorate of International Law, 1987, 1989-93), Lagos (1987/88) and Geneva (1988/89), he was transferred to the embassy in Washington as Head of Political and Legal Affairs in 1993.

On 21/12/1994 he was elected Deputy Secretary General of the FDFA by the Swiss Federal Council. In this capacity as Head of Resources at the headquarters he was responsible for managing the departments of HR, Telematics, Logistics, Finance and Administrative Law, as well as for reorganising the FDFA and the Swiss representa- tion network abroad.

On 25/10/1996 he was appointed Head of the “Switzerland – Second World War” Task Force by the Swiss Federal Council, which dealt with the role of Switzerland as a financial centre during the time of the Nazi regime. In honour of this occasion, Dr. Thomas Borer was awarded the title of Ambassador. The Task Force was terminated on 31/03/1999 by the Swiss Federal Council. On the same day Dr. Borer was appointed Swiss Ambassador in the Federal Republic of Germany. At the end of April 2002 he left civil service and founded his own company, which he has successfully led since 2002.

Today, he works as a worldwide consultant, focusing on Germany, Switzerland, Russia and the USA.

Compared to other consultants Dr. Borer knows from his 20-year career in public administration the practice in the national government, parliament, the administration, regulatory bodies and international organizations at close range.

Dr. Thomas Borer is a Member of several Boards of Directors, including: Avocis AG, Hendricks & Schwartz (Switzerland) AG. He is on the Advisory Board of Oriflame Cosmetics AG and Corestate Capital AG.