Presenter, Speaker, Coach

Carina Bastuck was just five years old when she took to the stage for the first time. She could hardly be stopped; her enthusiasm was and still is boundless. Since then she’s gained a degree in Business Administration specialising in Media and Communications giving her a solid academic foundation. This she rounds off with her knowledge and talent for journalism in which she channels her passion into her profession; be it in front of the camera, at the microphone or on the stage.

Carina Bastuck – As a top journalist and infotainer, capable of inspiring as a host with the qualities of an entertainer, she wins over both viewers and listeners alike.

She investigates complex issues, personalities and products with a good dose of curiosity in order to make them transparent and accessible to her audiences. Her personality sparkles; her communication style is linguistically agile and her voice resonates and commands. Her confidence and authenticity makes her a magnetic crowd drawer and she puts on an exciting entertainment!

Carina Bastuck is an expert for a variety of demanding conferences and high-quality businessevents; she is a host for conflicting diskussions as well as for expert circles. As a coach for presentation she passes on the perfect equipment and the right attitude to realise your personal and professional goals on the stage. Because of her charismatic voice she also sets varied projects to music. You can hear her voice in the advertisement for radio and television, in corporate films and audiobooks.