Victoria Riess is a Senior Strategy Leader, Executive, Managing Director, Founder in the tech industry, Cambridge MBA and multi-award winning Top Women Leader in Tech.

She has a track record as a female leader in the tech industry and over twelve years of leadership experience in general management, digital strategy consulting and corporate strategy for digital transformation. She builds and leads C-level digital strategy consulting programmes with global teams. She is a thought leader in enterprise strategy, digital transformation, cloud DevOps engineering and data science.

Victoria Riess Lecture topics

  • Technology trends and digital transformation – What CEOs need to create tech for sustainable growth
  • Artificial intelligence and new work – How to revolutionize work through AI
  • Quantum computing and cybersecurity – What quantum computing, ‘quantum supremacy’ and cybersecurity means
  • D&I and Women In Tech – Why investors and executive boards must see the importance of diversity for good corporate governance
  • Technology trends and digital transformation

Victoria Riess has five strategic technology trends and three best practices for digital transformation as strategic levers, which CEOs need to create tech for sustainable growth. First, make an impact by investing in current technologies – whether you need to optimize, scale or pioneer. Second, drive Digital Transformation. You know that technology is nothing without your leadership.

  • Artificial intelligence and new work

Victoria Riess has three levers CXOs need to create artificial intelligence for sustainable growth – including AI trends you can invest in and powerful examples to leverage the impact on your organization. First replace simple, manual tasks through AI, second invest in augmentation through AI and third experiment with highly hyped artificial intelligence.

  • Quantum computing and cybersecurity

Victoria Riess will explain quantum computing, ‘quantum supremacy’ and cryptocurrencies in an understandable and entertaining way. She will also introduce the biggest danger to blockchain from ‘quantum supremacy’. Understanding what new ways are in place to save crypto from ‘quantum supremacy’ and how crypto should prepare for ‘quantum supremacy’ is key to evaluate the facts.

  • D&I and Women In Tech

Victoria Riess will explain why investors and executive boards must see the importance of diversity for good corporate governance. Understanding why supportive measures are needed on the part of policymakers and the companies themselves, as well as a change in society’s awareness and role are key to evaluate the facts. She will also introduce why society would be better served by more male leaders trying to emulate women.

Senior Strategy Leader in Technology

Victoria Riess builds and leads digital functions (P&L responsibility in the tens of millions) with high performing global teams (team size in the tens of millions). She demonstrates senior leadership in technology (65+ C-level strategy consulting programmes) and combines business acumen with innovative strategies to attract and develop top talent.

Thought Leader in Technology

Victoria Riess is a well-known thought leader in the technology sector (cloud, cybersecurity, quantum computing, cryptocurrencies), bringing the value of digital capabilities to a wider audience (20+ keynotes with 50,000+ attendees). It works with various high-level stakeholders (30+ engagements) to enable digital experiences in their organisations, their digital ecosystems, and services and products.

Digital Innovation, ESG and Diversity & Inclusion

Victoria Riess promotes digital innovation to drive positive impact solutions, sustainable practices (ESG) and a more inclusive work environment for women in the tech industry (5-time winner of Top Women Leaders in Tech Awards).

Keynote Speaker

Victoria Riess is a keynote speaker on cybersecurity, quantum computing and cryptocurrencies, as well as strategy, digital transformation, leadership, cloud, diversity & inclusion and ESG.