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The #clearedtoland Success Principle

Knowledge and tools from the cockpit for immediate implementation

What is routine for pilots, the audience should also be able to implement in other professional fields: navigate skilfully, communicate clearly, do not lose sight of the horizon even in challenging situations and land safely at the desired destination. The #clearedtoland success principle inspires with immediately applicable, practical knowledge and tools from the cockpit for professional and personal precision landings.

The term “cleared to land” comes from aviation and refers to the clearance of an aircraft to land by the air traffic control centre. The name also says it all, because the #clearedtoland crew wants to inspire and empower people to have more confidence in their own abilities, a strong mindset and efficient self-leadership.

The crew of female pilots and aviation experts with a cumulative flight experience of over 18,000 hours on various aircraft was formed in 2017 and now has an impressive track record with keynotes, workshops, coaching and consulting for teams and companies from a wide range of industries. The #clearedtoland crew offers a wealth of knowledge from the corporate world and translates exciting and impactful aviation tools for use in professional and personal life.  Founder of #clearedtoland and private pilot Rahel Kindermann Leuthard developed the #clearedtoland success principle and effectively linked it with numerous models from leadership/self-leadership, change management and coaching. The know-how imparted can be immediately implemented and applied in everyday life by the participants.

Since 2022, the #clearedtoland crew has specifically offered the topics True North Star Journey, Change Management, Mental Training/Trust and Highperfomance/Resilience, for which keynotes and workshops (keynotes: 1 hour, workshops up to 1 day in length, but also a mixture of these) can be booked. Very exciting is also the format of the “Keynote Workshop” with a duration of one hour, which can be booked with the extraordinary crew for the True North Star Journey and contains numerous interactive elements in addition to the keynote.

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  • True North Star Journey – the North Star for vision as a company/organisation and/or as a team

In aviation, the course that points directly across the geographic meridian to the geographic North Pole is called True North/TN and is the basis for flight planning as pilots. Because of the disturbing influences that can deviate from the flight course – among others the wind, which is “held against” – the heading almost always differs from the actual “True North course line”.

So, on our journey, it is important to include these “disturbances” in the flight planning and to correct the heading accordingly en route in order to reach the destination as planned. The same applies to reaching the vision – the True North Star.

Crew member Rahel Kindermann always had the personal True North Star of landing a plane on a highway in Alaska. In addition to tools from the cockpit such as the #clearedtoland success principle, #clearedtoland speaker Missy Lee, CEO of an aviation company in Alaska and daughter of a well-known bush pilot, also helped to realise this vision in 2022 by landing on a highway in Alaska. Missy Lee was secured as the 2022 #clearedtoland Keynote Speaker.

With her, companies have the opportunity to give the stage to a woman who trains pilots from all over the world on seaplanes and bush planes in the wildness of Alaska and who already climbed Mount Denali, the highest peak in North America, at the age of 20.

Did you know that the Alaska flag has 8 stars, like the #clearedtoland success principle core points and that the largest of these is the North Star?

The True North Star can stand as a vision for a team and/or a company but also for a single person.

The True North Star is thus a compass that successfully guides a team and/or a person towards the vision to be achieved and supports them to become “the best self” as a team and/or as an organisation and company.

True North Star is the reference point by which we as a company and as a team can align our actions in the organisation at all levels and align them to a common point of view.

As a vision, the North Star directs the focus on the behaviour of all acting persons and gives them a very clear direction to guide all decisions. #clearedtoland offers keynotes and workshops in which our crew members work with you to develop your vision, your purpose, your North Star for your company.

Mental Training/Trust

  • Make a Flight Plan:

As with True North Star, this journey also begins with the first step.

Mental training helps us to prepare well for challenging situations in our professional and private lives and to cope with them purposefully and successfully, or to grow from them. Susanne Siegenthaler-Schürmann – Super Puma pilot and one of the very few (only 3% in total) female pilots in the Swiss Air Force – knows what it means to say “I am cleared to land”. True to the motto “from practice, for practice”, she talks about her experiences and how she applies the #clearedtoland success principle in her exciting job as a military pilot. Among other things, Susanne Siegenthaler reports on how she prepares herself for difficult situations, e.g. the very demanding “Sea Survival Training”, which takes place every two years. The focus is on the #clearedtoland key points “Expect the unexpected” and “Focus on your Horizon” and how a professional military pilot works with them.

The keynote and the half-day or full-day workshop can be booked in a constellation with other crew members, including Esther Zwygart or Edith Tieber. Esther Zwygart is also new to the #clearedtoland crew. She is a passionate pilot and can now look back on a career of over 25 years as a pilot with more than 12,000 flying hours. She started her career in the cockpit at a time when women were still an absolute exception in airline flying. In the meantime, as Senior First Officer, she pilots various wide-body aircraft of a German airline (currently A330 and A340). She regularly inspires the audience with a variety of exciting examples from her everyday aviation life. Esther Zwygart can also be booked to speak on the topics of decision making, leadership, team building and change.

Other topics for which a keynote can be booked at #clearedtoland are: Highperformance/Resilience and of course single or multiple core points from the #clearedtoland success principle such as “Make a Flight Plan” and “Expect the Unexpected”, “Make a Decision” and “Focus on your Horizon”, tailored to the needs of your company.

All offers are suitable, for example, as part of a corporate event or as an in-depth element of further training on the topics of “Leadership”, “Strategy Development”, “Resilience” and “Change Management”.