Martin Limbeck is the founder of the Limbeck® Group, a multiple entrepreneur, investor, Economic Senator (EWS), member of the BVMW Federal Economic Senate and one of the leading experts for sales and sales leadership in Europe.

In addition to his entrepreneurial activities, he gives lectures and is an ambassador for Kinderlachen e.V., a charity for sick and needy children in Germany. He also passes on his knowledge from 30 years of entrepreneurship and sales training in his mastermind group “Gipfelstürmer”.

Martin Limbeck lecture topics

His presentations are always customised to the setting, the audience and the topic of the event. The titles of the presentations are chosen accordingly.

  • He hasn’t bought yet – this is how top salespeople think
  • Selling means selling – How you are guaranteed to close the deal!
  • Sales is a matter for the boss!
  • Entrepreneurship – Germany’s last adventure
  • The new expert is called the customer
  • Remote sales has come to stay
  • Dodoland: Using the power of self-discipline to achieve more

Martin Limbeck is proud of what he does. There are no half measures for the passionate entrepreneur. Instead: Pedal to the metal!

He has received numerous awards for his commitment over the course of his exemplary career: Among other things, he is a two-time “Trainer of the Year” and “Speaker of the Year”, has already secured the “European Prize for Training, Consultancy and Coaching” three times with his team and received the “Grand Prize for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises” from the Oskar Patzelt Foundation.

Martin Limbeck shines on stage: his speeches are always individual, customised and inspiring – with the aim of shaking up the audience and motivating them in the long term. Limbeck is a “CSP Certified Speaking Professional” and therefore holds the internationally recognised quality award for professional speakers.