Pilot, Expert in Risk-Management, Communication & Leadership

Esther Zwygart – Pilot with passion.

Esther Zwygart loves flying. And working with her teams – both in the cockpit and with the cabin crew. Esther Zwygart is very familiar with communication and leadership tasks, and she always has to give clear and specific instructions, even in stressful situations. The safety of the crew and passengers is always the top priority for the pilot team.

Women have also been piloting airliners professionally for around 35 years – yet the proportion of female pilots worldwide is only around five percent. Esther Zwygart is one of them. She learned to fly at the age of 17 and has been hooked ever since. The pilot, who has been flying around the world for a major German airline for several years now, used to go into raptures when she looked out of the cockpit window and saw small islands appearing below her. Today, not only flying is her passion, but she also helps people to overcome their fear of flying by coaching them.

Esther Zwygart Lecture topics

  • Teambuilding & Trust (Together Everybody Achieves More)
  • Ready for Take-Off? Or – How do you prepare your everyday life in the company?
  • FORDEC: The checklist for the unexpected – do you have a plan B on hand?
  • Decision Making: Decision Making under time critical conditions
  • Communication with the team: Clarity creates room for maneuver
  • Leadership – Teamwork & dealing with change

Esther Zwygart started her professional flying career more than 25 years ago on the two short-haul turboprops Saab 340 and 2000. Since 1999 she has been piloting the aircraft of the Airbus family. After the grounding of Swissair, the young pilot initially devoted herself to her family and her first child. In 2005, she continued her career with Austrian Airlines and has now been working for a renowned German airline since 2007. In 2010, she switched to the long-haul fleet and has since flown the A330 and A340-300 and A340-600.

From propeller plane to big bird

Esther Zwygart: “My favorite destinations are Cape Town in winter, Vancouver in summer and Hong Kong at any time.” She always spends one to four days on site, during which she explores the cities with the crew or friends and goes on hikes in the surrounding area, for example.

Immediately applicable knowledge and tools from the cockpit.

She loves the job and lives the “dream of flying”. There is no routine in everyday life, because every flight is different. There are always unexpected incidents where you have to keep a cool head. Even if you are flying somewhere over the Atlantic and the next airport you can fly to is still far away…

Climb up to flying altitude with Esther Zwygart and enjoy the flight over the continents and oceans. Her vast wealth of experience from the cockpit with the topics of leadership, communication and decision-making make her presentations so valuable and special. Benefit from it – you can implement the learnings directly in your company.

Fasten your seatbelt.