Cyber Crime, Internet Security

Andreas Arnemann – Who is at risk and how does (digital) personal protection work?

The Snowden/NSA revelations have raised awareness of the digital threat – a threat that should by now be a key concern for executives and companies of all kinds.

Through his career as a former head of a German specialist unit focusing on hostage situations, extortion and kidnapping, as a consultant in severe cases of violent crime, as a state youth coordinator, head of a national point of contact fighting child pornography, head of a specialised agency for telecommunications surveillance and as head of a specialised agency for organised cybercrime, Andreas Arnemann is familiar with the various facets of subjective and objective threat.

His lectures provide an overview of the reality. What is the real threat? Can we protect ourselves both physically and digitally and if so, how? Is there such a thing as a digital “condom”, and how do we know if it is damaged?