IT Security Expert, Member of Global Team Red, Gentleman-Hacker

FIL and his global Team Red challenges your business or organization. With intent. And with your permission: the sole objective is to improve your security.

FIL and his Red Team support entrepreneurs and security officers by helping them identify what risks lurk behind every single aspect of their business model. And they offer specific solutions that sustainably protect your company’s assets.

FIL RED TEAM – Lecture topics

  • The AI revolution – how secure are IT systems and artificial intelligence
  • The Enemy inside. Social Engineering – The enemy inside your company
  • Cybersecurity is just the beginning – Olympic Games and Pandora’s Box
  • The Dark Side of IoT – The Power of Things
  • Social Engineering – Reality or Fiction?

Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity: how safe are AI applications from hacker attacks? Clear answers to the important questions of everyday life through new technologies and systems.

The RED TEAM approach offers a modern method of risk analysis that can adapt with speed and agility to the actual methods employed by globally active adversaries. Because attackers rarely focus their efforts on a specific part of an organization in order to reach their goal, preferring instead to target all possible paths – including digital, physical and social attacks. During an exercise, our RED TEAM launches an unannounced attack on your company or organization to explore and test every conceivable aspect of the target and expose possible risks.

FIL and his RED TEAM also offers alternative and contradictory analyses of existing plans, execution orders and tactical decisions. Like a potential adversary, experts identify patterns that might lead to strategic vulnerabilities. They point out alternative ways to break existing patterns. These exercises scrutinize and optimize the decision-making process by challenging existing plans, policies and guidelines.

FIL and his RED TEAM challenge the existing concepts of security, purposely breaking into digital networks, but also into physical areas and communication systems in your organization to identify and reveal vulnerabilities. They also provide training courses and seminars that are customized and tailored to incorporate all levels of your company: from the top management team and decision-makers to all members of staff including your internal and external security personnel.

A RED TEAM is an intelligent and highly adaptive opponent – applying an adversarial mindset to the “modern, digital warfare” enterprises and organizations find themselves confronted with today.

Identity: unknown

In today’s world, enterprises, banks and organizations invest a lot of money in protecting their assets and data. Modern firewalls, virus protection programmes, encryption etc. are designed to safeguard against system failures, industrial espionage and data theft. But is this enough? Are concepts, checklists and contingency plans that are based on previous experience or were drawn up by someone some time in the past sufficient? What resources are you investing in order to protect your business and its most vulnerable assets as well as justify customer confidence?

In his lecture, FIL demonstrates how he and his RED TEAM identify and uncover the most serious system vulnerabilities. He will present specific case studies in your industry, expose vulnerabilities and suggest steps you can take to appreciably optimize your security. You will be surprised to discover where the security gaps lie – especially if you believe you have already identified all the flaws in your hard- and software. You will also be surprised to find out how simple ideas rather than a huge investment of resources can improve your data security. In order to avoid jeopardizing his team’s work and the sustainable security of his clients, FIL will not reveal his identity.

In today’s world, Red Teams are the answer to the complex security structures in medium-sized and large enterprises. Because not everything is always what it seems.


FIL is a member of the global Red Team which operates undercover to challenge and test the security systems of organizations and businesses.

The experienced entrepreneur, expert in human nature and close combat specialist can look back on a long fascination with the virtual world. He not only immerses himself in the deep structures of programming languages but also demonstrates a creative yet meticulous approach to the interplay of technology, strategy and IT. This enables him to quickly recognize the inherent possibilities and risks, which drives the ‘gentleman hacker’ to focus on unconventional strategies, tactics and military concepts. His inside knowledge on corporate processes and experience paired with a cool-headed strategy and an adventurous spirit make him an excellent Red Teamer.

FIL and his RED TEAM offers red-teaming and digital strategy services to governments, law enforcement agencies, enterprises and public and private organizations. All RED TEAMS consist of proven experts with longstanding practical experience in all fields of digital and physical security. They contribute expertise from a wide range of disci-plines such as the military, secret services, high-tech, martial arts, academic research and business. And they all have one thing in common: they can think like your adversary and therefore anticipate the proverbial ‘evil’.

All group members can draw from many years of experience and have often delivered unique and unexpected solutions. Each member contributes valuable input during all phases of the process – from concept through execution to delivering the solutions that you can implement to protect your business.