Sabina Kocherhans was born in the slums of Sri Lanka. Even then she was a lucky child, despite all the misfortune around her. Fate was kind to her and she was adopted by a family in Switzerland. Her childhood in Basel was not easy. The color of her skin made her an outsider everywhere.

She completed training in marketing and sales in an international wholesale company and a large insurance company. During stays abroad in the USA she achieved her language studies in English, French and Italian.

She founded her first company in 2003 and the big crash in 2006, when she lost everything: Company, reputation, fortune and her family. A fighter by nature, she fought her way back to a successful life with incredible courage and dedication. After intensive coaching training, she created the successful format of the Customer Stunner.

In 2019, she launched SK WelcomeHome-the transgender foundation and is its president. The reason for this lies in her private environment, in which she experienced the topic of transgender firsthand. Since then she knows about the difficulties that trans people, trans children and their families struggle with. With her foundation, she is committed to the social acceptance of the topic of transgender. Since 2020, Sabina Kocherhans has been the editor of the book series “Paths to Success”.

Her father taught her what it means to live and, above all, to show feelings. And that is exactly what makes her tick today. She has learned that she can ONLY rely on herself and that she is exactly as the good Lord created her.

From this she has made her life motto: “Be different, BE YOU!”

She lives this motto successfully as an absolute power woman in business, as a speaker on stage and in private.

Sabina Kocherhans lecture topics:

  • The customer amazer

Sabina Kocherhans is an authentic personality who wholeheartedly exemplifies what she communicates with great fire in her lectures and various advice media – her books, television appearances and podcasts.

With her slogan “Be different, be you” she takes her audience on an exciting journey to their own personality and from there to the development of an authentic brand that stands out positively and, above all, forcefully. In other words – Marketing and PR 5.0

Amazingly different and very successful!

  • Diversity / Diversity

“Diversity” – This is the new magic word in HR departments from DAX companies to medium-sized businesses and SMEs. No longer is unity and conformity required, but self-determination and individuality as a new attitude to life.

Faced with a dramatic shortage of skilled workers, HR managers have set out to find effective solutions – an honest implementation in terms of diversity is the solution.

Sabina Kocherhans is THE hot expert on diversity in the D/A/CH region. She loves and lives the topic!

  • The time millionaire

“Time urgently wanted” – This is the unspoken cry for help from many people. It is not more money that is in demand, but time, as we know from new social studies. That’s why, for many employees, it’s no longer the salary that counts, but the offer of a work-life balance. But entrepreneurs have also recognized that time is more than money.

That’s why Sabina Kocherhans, as a leading time millionaire, is right on trend.

With her keynote, she sets impulses and imparts important tips on how we can all create our first time million.

She says of herself, “I am colorful, crazy and different.”

As an entrepreneur, she lives out what she gives to her audience as a speaker. Through her foundation, she is finally giving transgender people around the world a voice in society.

Her unique and personal combination of practical, tailored customer amazing strategies and authentic mindset makes her one of the most sought-after keynote speakers in Europe. She is a 2019 speaker, winner of the 2020 European Speaker Award and best-selling author and publisher of the “Paths to Success” book series.