Mark T. Hofmann – THE PROFILER.

What can we learn about people skills from the FBI? How can we recognize psychopaths in business? How can we read people and recognize motives? Surprise and inspire your guests with an impulse lecture by the well-known profiler Mark T. Hofmann.

Mark T. Hofmann Lecture topics

How can we read people and really convince them? How can we recognize lies? What can we learn from the FBI about people skills? These techniques are not only relevant for police and intelligence services, but quite useful in everyday business and negotiations. Especially in times of digitalization, the “human factor” is becoming increasingly important. Advanced social skills and the ability to decipher motives are more important than ever. Mark T. Hofmann’s lectures are as exciting as a thriller, scientifically based and have a lasting effect.

Mark T. Hofmann takes you on a journey into the world of profiling.

  • Profiling: Reading and convincing people: What we can learn about people skills from the FBI
  • Psychopathy and white-collar crime: recognizing, understanding and fending off
  • Negotiating Successfully: What we can learn from interrogation tactics
  • Intelligence psychology: what we can learn about innovation from the CIA

Mark T. Hofmann is a crime & intelligence analyst and profiling expert.

Trained and nationally certified in the USA. An organizational psychologist by training, he specializes in profiling and psychological techniques and is considered one of the leading experts in his particular field. Already at a young age, Mark T. Hofmann was a lecturer at the Criminal Investigation Academy and trained the criminal and federal police in interrogation psychology.

In exciting keynote speeches, Mark T. Hofmann shows how we can also use US profiling approaches for everyday business. Ideally suited as a keynote, icebreaker or closing speech at congresses, conferences, galas or corporate events of any size. The topics are diverse, highly topical and exciting: from reading people to the psychology of persuasion, from psychopathy to white-collar crime.

His clients include global players, medium-sized innovation drivers, banks, the criminal investigation department and top negotiators from politics and business. Mark T. Hofmann is known as a columnist, TV expert and through his own TV show on hr/ ARD.