Stefan Rappenglück is Trainer, coach, speaker and seller with heart and soul! From the practice for the practice and always following the slogan:

“Who says that? What does not work will be done differently. Very easily. What is our benefit in teaching teach sales when it has nothing to do with the one in front of me and the actual circumstances of our customers, sellers or the current affairs? ”

After 16 years of active sales in a wide range of industries and positions and 25 years in the business, Stefan Rappenglück has been one of the most demanded salestrainers and sales experts in German-speaking countries for many years. He trains and coaches well-known companies and their employees, organizes national and international workshops and holds key notes in front of thousands of people about the contemporary way of selling and communicating on eye-level with the customer.

Stefan Rappenglück:”Whether there is a computer or a telephone in between, or we meet at the decision table, at the POS or on the construction site – in the end, it is and will remain a business between people. That’s our chance no matter how fast the world turns around. If you manage to inspire the people of yourself and your product in a fair and honest manner without putting unnecessary pressure on it, then we are very close to being able to proudly call ourselves „sellers“ again ”

In 2018, he launched his heartfelt project the “Sales – (R) Evolution” tour across Germany, Austria and Switzerland where non-sellers and sellers are shown a complete change of perspective of sales. Or as Stefan Rappenglück says “Sales may be fun again” „simple, different, better, authentically and on an eye-level with the customer, because that´s the only way how it really makes sense”

  • Salestrainer & Coach
  • Business Coach & Coach
  • Management Trainer
  • Competence Coach (SBA)
  • NLP Master
  • GVS Consultant
  • Change Manager,
  • Dipl. Finanzwirt
  • cert. Moderator & Speaker

Stage programs by Stefan Rappenglück

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