Jens Bode: The strongest power lies in our heads.

The quintessence from his current book, but also the mantra of Jens Bode.

From the practice for the practice – Jens Bode

Jens Bode means: free spirit, lateral thinker, foresight expert, sparring partner, creative provocateur or game changer – and he always inspires from practice – with over 30 years of applied creativity to innovation – in the FMCG industry and freelance under his brand ‘der innologe©’. He is also a lecturer and author of INNOVATOR’S SMILE: the SMILE formula and roadmap for innovative thinking and acting, published October 2018 by Haufe Verlag.

Innovation is a mindset and there is no standard solution for innovations. Many companies are visionless, celebrate their past successes, paralyse themselves with encrusted structures and have a high degree of corporate blindness – they are virtually dead. A living corporate culture needs an emotional vision and mission, trust in creative talents, resources, lean processes and a sustainable, inspiring and authentically lived culture of innovation:

– How do I discover my creative talent and how can I live it out?
– How do I become a treasure hunter for inspiration?
– How do I find time for innovation?
– How do I inspire change and innovation – sustainably?
– How do I increase the level of employee pride?

The impulses of Jens Bode are a positive disturbing fire

Interactive, fresh, provocative and playfully encouraging to try something new – without being theoretical or instructive, but always with a smile for success’. And, each lecture is individually designed and adapted to the challenge.

Jens Bode is married to Nic, an architect, has four children and his centres of gravity are Düsseldorf and Aachen.