Investor, Entrepreneur, Coach & Innovator

Felix Thönnessen – Enthusiasm is the beginning of something new

In his presentations, Felix Thönnessen interacts with the audience as a keynote speaker and creates real enthusiasm. For each area Felix offers compact content and focus, which he has gathered through his many years of experience. In doing so, the speeches are adapted to your audience. No matter if they are guests, employees or customers.

Felix Thönnessen can offer the following topics (individual keynotes are also possible):

  • Mindset Boosting – Success Factor Mindset: How to Become a Mental Champion
  • Leader Rockstar – Success factor leadership: How to lead teams successfully
  • Future Maker – Success Factor Future: How to master everything that comes your way
  • Social Champion – Social media as a success factor: How to become a digital champion
  • Sales Champion – Sales as a success factor: How to become a sales expert
  • Customer Champion – Customer focus as a success factor: How to become a customer champion

Since 2015, many a startup in the Vox TV series ‘Höhle der Löwen’ has owed its decisive investor win to his coaching. With his own company, he participates in promising start-ups himself.

As a speaker, Felix Thönnessen tours the world and inspires audiences not only with knowledge, but above all with entertainment. He offers:

  • Humorous anecdotes from over 15 years of experience as a business mentor.
  • Learning from mistakes and secrets of success from over 1,000 start-ups and founders
  • Take home courage and motivation from many entrepreneurial stories
  • Experience creativity and inspiration live to create something new yourself
  • Variety and entertainment as a contrast to the 08/15 keynote speaker program

With his bestselling guidebook Erfolgreich Unternehmen gründen and the workbook Start-up: Das 7-Stufen-Programm he fulfilled his personal dream of writing. His work is considered a guide for all start-ups who want to channel their enthusiasm in meaningful ways.

In a nutshell: Enthusiasm is the beginning of something new.