Raphael Stenzhorn – Find your way and no excuses! You are responsible for yourself and your success – take your brain in your hand and start!

Raphael Stenzhorn has been on stage as a lecturer and keynote speaker since 2016 and has already received several awards for his work:

  • Top Expert in ERFOLGmagazin (2018).
  • 1st place at the international Speakerslam in Munich (2018)
  • TOP recommendation at Proven Expert (2018)
  • Bestselling book at Amazon in 2 categories (2018)
  • Podcast in the top 10 in the business category at iTunes (2018)

A small microphone Raphael Stenzhorn received as a gift for his 11th birthday has brought him to international stages and tens of thousands of listeners.

He also loves to climb the summit in his free time, preferably in South Tyrol with his wife Julia and with his children. With his family, he supports social projects that, for example, provide rapid assistance to children in emergency situations and make life worth living again.

As an expert for enthusiastic people who achieve top performance in and around companies, he stands in front of CEOs and HR managers almost daily to motivate them to top performance. Enthusiasm burns so hot in him that he irons his shirts with the flat of his hand in the morning – claim people from his environment.

Raphael Stenzhorn Lecture topics

  • Become an entrepreneur from self-employed

Self-employed people, entrepreneurs and executives are more busy “putting out fires” in their own company than fulfilling their actual tasks, and are expected to spend evenings or weekends catching up on what they didn’t have enough time for during the working day?

Experience in this lecture from practice, for practice the best self-organization and leadership tips! Raphael Stenzhorn motivates and inspires his listeners in a very entertaining, charming and at times wakeful way, so that they are as productive every day as they were on the last day before their vacation (and then don’t have to answer unnecessary calls and e-mails while on vacation).

  • Simple.Efficient.Leadership.

Your employees are no longer walking in a straight line? You want to change or improve something in your company? Do you want your employees to do their work more independently and responsibly?

In this keynote, Raphael Stenzhorn reports how he successfully managed a few years ago to no longer have employees, but ‘co-entrepreneurs’. In other words, employees who think entrepreneurially.

What did this lead to in his companies? All of a sudden, sales explode, job satisfaction increases enormously and, best of all, managers suddenly have more time for their actual leadership tasks. And that means more freedom and more free time!

Out of the hamster wheel, into a whole new adventure! An extremely inspiring lecture that can simplify the lives of executives enormously, because in addition to numerous very entertaining passages, the audience receives practical tips that can be implemented directly.

  • Employees on fire for their company

Get your employees on board – even more than you already do! 8 out of 10 employees no longer want to work in a company where someone sits and tells them what to do. According to recent studies, they want to make their own decisions, get involved and take responsibility. If you offer your employees just that and treat them more and more as “co-entrepreneurs”, they will stay with you for a long time. They will begin to identify with the company. And best of all, your company will attract even more good employees, all of whom will want to work for your company!

Do you also know companies that can’t find “good” employees anymore? Or companies that have one good employee after another quit? Why is that? Because most employees no longer want to be “just” employees. They want to be involved, take responsibility and be part of something.

In this keynote, Raphael Stenzhorn motivates employees to become more of a “co-entrepreneur”. Change processes in particular can be made easier in this way – after all, everyone is working together towards a common goal.

  • Good improvement – improve instead of change!

Do you also have that one thing you would like to change, excuse me, improve in the company or in your private life? You see? Almost everyone would like to improve one or even more things in their (professional) life!

Why do we do the things we do. And more importantly, why do we refrain from doing the things that would actually be good for us?

If only they knew how… And here comes the good news: In this keynote lecture you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know if you want to change or improve a habit, a circumstance, a feeling or whatever! And the best: With a lot of fun – because Raphael Stenzhorn likes to show the participants our psychological behavior patterns and they will definitely recognize themselves.

Clients book Raphael Stenzhorn for:

  • Kick Off Events
  • Annual meetings
  • Association meetings
  • Support of change processes
  • Product launches
  • Change in management
  • Sales meetings
  • Customer events
  • Employee events
  • Public events

In the future, people and companies will be expected to do one thing above all: to be able to adapt at lightning speed to customer needs, markets and also to the needs of their employees. Every company is only as strong as the personalities of its employees. Therefore, the inner basic attitude towards change is crucial for the success of one’s own workplace and also for the league in which companies want to play in the future. The winner is not the one who is big and rich. It is the one who is quick as lightning and agile who wins.