Business Cabaret Artist & Stand-up Comedian

Oliver Tissot provides heartfelt event highlights, is great fun and creates a strong sense of “we” among the audience. He specializes in humorous portrayals of the business and professional world.

“Humor masters crisis and hustle.”

With his unique combination of sharp wit, spot-on humor and a dash of satire, he delights his audiences, serving up highbrow with depth and profundity in high form. He causes a sensation with his mixture of opinionated joy, word acrobatics and repartee. After graduating with a diploma in communication design and idea management, a master’s degree in sociology and a doctorate on humor as a human factor for achieving corporate goals, he is considered an exquisite expert on laughter and a capacity for the comical.

Oliver Tissot Lecture topics

With a laughing mind to success – experience positive emotions

Content: Instead of forfeiting all kinds of opportunities by being too serious, one should not do without the laughing mind. Everyone knows that laughter is healthy, but hardly anyone believes that profitable laughter also brings professional success. Dr. Tissot shows how you can achieve your goals more easily and quickly with humor. From a rich treasure trove of ideas, he presents the most effective possibilities from leadership behavior to the individual design of daily work and designs a humor culture from which everyone benefits. You can expect an entertaining lecture in which there will be no beating around the bush.

The Columbus Concept – Leaving the Old Paths to Find the New.

Content: Creativity is in everyone and innovation opportunities lurk everywhere – how can you discover them? How creative you are depends on your attitude, how flexible you are towards new situations, how much lateral thinking is allowed to take place and whether you recognize and use the existing potential to develop and market new ways. Dr. Oliver Tissot shows,- how to become creative and tackle innovations;- how to create a new incentive in tough and tedious tasks- how to set clear goals and avoid chaos plans- how to achieve that good ideas are not just lucky hits. The Columbus Concept shows how you can reach your goal – sometimes by detours – in an entertaining and unorthodox way.

The Key-Joke Speech – The Funny Summing-up at Conferences

Content: What sticks in your mind after a day full of presentations? Tissot stages the most important topics and underlines topics as a highlight. He ensures more sustainability through humorous highlighting of all highlights, amazing cross-references and heart-stopping analogies. In his punchy and “merk-worthy” summaries, he demonstrates the great art of repartee. In the end, your participants will feel exhilarated instead of exhausted and will be entertained at the highest level and will keep the event in their memories with the best of amusement.

“In his inimitable ability to fabulate, he immerses himself in the professional worlds of his audience and fascinates with expert knowledge, which he transforms into laugh-out-loud moments that trigger tears of joy.”

Oliver Tissot has been delighting the German-speaking business world as a business cabaret artist for 30 years. He received his doctorate in humor in 2009 and is considered an exquisite laughter expert and word acrobat. In recent years, Tissot has won a whole series of international creative prizes and awards. For many, Oliver Tissot is considered “Germany’s best stand-up comedian in business”. Word-acrobatically, he juggles the highbrow with the profound and the profound with the highbrow.

Oliver Tissot is not only a rousing rhetorician, but also a congenial cabaret artist and a sophisticated court jester. He amazes audiences with his wordplay, unerring punchlines, sophisticated wordplay and intelligent, profound bon mots. Tissot adapts to events and target groups individually and offers infotainment and knowledge transfer with wonderful wit as well as entertainment with esprit.

Oliver Stoldt' opinion on Oliver Tissot
Oliver Tissot is a top-class business cabaret artist. Unique presentations on the conference theme, perfectly researched and peppered with humor. Oliver Tissot acts like a court jester, is allowed to do anything and is not punished. His presentations are always appreciative and positive, never below the belt, insulting or accusatory, but delivered with a nonchalance that leaves the audience enthusiastic. Book Oliver Tissot with Premium Speakers.