Jakob Hager is an entrepreneur, digital products & marketing expert and author. He successfully runs, together with Zuzana Pilcikova, the company Mentortools, a platform for online courses and communities with over 100,000 users. The platform uses AI (artificial intelligence) to support experts in turning their knowledge into online courses and sell them.

Jakob Hager for businesses

In his talks and workshops, Jakob focuses on developing and presenting specific and individual solutions for companies, managers and employees. Unlike many motivational speakers who only talk in general terms about digitalisation and the economy of tomorrow, Jakob offers easy-to-understand marketing practices from the digital world. Jakob shows your employees how to create high-quality content extremely quickly and easily and use it to attract customers via social media and paid advertising.

Jakob Hager for self-employed people / coaches / consultants

A special feature of Jakob’s company with 15 employees is that it does not have a classic office. The employees work from anywhere and communicate purely online. This modern, office-free online structure creates a completely new working atmosphere and new challenges. Jakob shows startups through his 12+ years of experience how to overcome these challenges and thus build a very lean and efficient business.

Lecture topics by Jakob Hager for companies

  • Everything you as a manager need to know about social media marketing
  • How managers can understand and use social media
  • Creating online courses automatically with AI (artificial intelligence)
  • Building and managing online communities
  • More sales through online courses & communities
  • Automated acquisition of new customers on the Internet

Lecture topics by Jakob Hager for self-employed people / coaches / consultants

  • How I went from an idea to 100 € profit / day in only 72 hours
  • How to test the market potential of an idea before you invest
  • How to flexibly build your team and your business in record time
  • How to build an online course with Artificial Intelligence in just 6 hours
  • How to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to create online courses 10x faster

Jakob Hager is a digital serial entrepreneur with a lot of heart and a field-tested approach for companies and people who don’t want to talk, but do and actively shape the future.