Expert for Digital Customer Acquisition, LinkedIn-Marketing, Sales and Brand building in B2B

Steffen Wetzel – As the son of a medium-sized entrepreneurial family with a degree in engineering, over five and a half years of experience as a marketing sales manager and over eight years of online marketing practice, Steffen Wetzel shows companies how to optimally combine the classic and digital sales worlds.

With his likeable and fact-oriented enthusiasm for his topic, he manages to carry your audience along and transport the clear business topics in an entertaining and exciting way. You can always rely on the latest developments, studies and case studies.

Steffen Wetzel Lecture topics

WINING CUSTOMERS ONLINE – How companies use the right mechanisms, in the right order, to become digitally successful

  • Which strategies for online customer acquisition really work, sustainably
  • Why most agencies are underperforming in B2B and how companies can solve this bottleneck.
  • How long-term planning and performance improvement really works in online customer acquisition

CORPORATE INFLUENCE – The new invisible opportunity for more customers and employees as a company

  • How to motivate your employees to become corporate influencers who positively impact your company’s digital image
  • Why the future of corporate marketing cannot do without modern brand ambassadors and what to look out for in the process
  • What principles your corporate influencers can use to make your company a thought leader and make you the center of attention in your industry

LinkedIn-Marketing B2B Secrets – How to become a leader at the world’s largest networking event

  • The success principles behind digital B2B sales on LinkedIn
  • Why LinkedIn is the perfect complement to traditional sales channels for your company
  • Which TOP 1% strategies will help your company succeed on LinkedIn and put you ahead of your market competitors

Important subsections of the topic “Digital B2B Sales”:

  • Social selling for marketing & sales departments on LinkedIn
  • Corporate influencers for a strong, digital corporate image
  • Social recruiting for qualified next-generation employees
  • Create online visibility and brand awareness by LinkedIn-Marketing
  • Digital sales funnel as an extension of social media marketing for long-term and sustainable customer as well as employee acquisition

The key to securing future sales for your company lies online. Steffen Wetzel knows what details matter here, what principles will ensure your excellent results and what practical levers you can use to take your company to the digiatal top.

In his presentations and workshops, Steffen Wetzel shows in an inspiring way how every company can use the new digital possibilities to massively increase its visibility and perception in its market and become a thought leader in its own industry.

Let yourself be inspired, motivated and carried away for your digital path in the external image of your company!